How Ayahuasca Taught Me and Helped Me Get Over Some Major Issues

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Many people have been following my complete transformation from an unhealthy, smoking, drinking, garbage eating, fat, toxic, stressed, depressed guy to about the opposite of that.

If you've just been following for the last few weeks or months you may not be aware of the entire transition.

It all began about two years ago when I hit rock bottom and decided I either had to kill myself or do something fairly extreme to shock myself out of my funk.

The word "ayahuasca" seemed to be calling me. I kept hearing about it and was naturally drawn into looking into it.

I ended up doing it twice and even though I didn't fully recognize it at the time it gave me the knowledge and the healing I needed to move on to the next progression of my healing... which was iboga.

You can hear all about my experience here:

In an upcoming post here on Steemit I'll go into my experience with iboga which was absolutely insane.

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Inspired by your transformation I got on the Mucusfree diet.
Started it beginning of March and doing wonderful.
July 1 I started with the 1 Month fruit fast and again I am doing wonderful. So thanks for inspiring me Jeff.
Ayahuasca I did as well last year in total 8 ceremonies and this September 3 more with a Shaman from Peru, but conveniently in the Netherlands :)

So cool that this is offered in your home land too ;) I would consider a session or too if a shaman resides anywhere near New Jersey. Which could make sense since Paterson, NJ is home to the most Peruvians in the entire United States. Gotta get cracking to see my local Shaman :)

well in the Netherlands it really is all over the place. Dutch people organizing ceremonies and different Peruvian Shaman coming over. Yes the Netherlands land of the almost free :)))
Thank you for the up vote, much appreciated

I like to ponder how our global consciousness is being healed and connected by all of these plant medicine ceremonies around the world. In a way it's like energetic acupuncture on our global consciousness network!

Take care when transitioning on to the Mucusless diet, don't just start fasting and eating only raw, its dangerous. Take it from my experience I almost had a hear attack. I actually wrote a post about that a couple of days ago, so if you want check it out:

with this lifestyle the only foods you eat are: fruit, salads, cooked or baked vegetables, but...... only those that do not turn into mucus, puss or acid.
100 years ago Arnold Ehret discovered that stop eating mucus forming food, fasting and transition to a mucusfree diet will cure any disease. Luckily I have great health but after reading the book 'Mucusless Diet Healing System' by Prof Ehret and Prof Spiral

I decided that I wanted to be clean in the inside as well. I am a vegetarian but even so I was getting a lot of mucus in my body. Since I started the diet I lost 9 kg which is a bit much for my posture but it will even out eventually I am told. I have been ill with high fever within the first 2 weeks, sore throat, blowing my nose like insane for about 10 days. All this is due to the mucus leaving my body, detoxing. 8 weeks later I feel great, light, positive, energy still a little low since I am for sure not done eliminating mucus and puss that got stuck everywhere from all these years.
When you start changing your diet into mucus free there is the so called 'transition diet' which can last how ever long you want it to be since you still can eat certain low mucus forming foods. But my goal is mucus free. It is important that you do not transition too fast, your body needs time to adjust to all the good it is receiving :)
All I can say is READ THE BOOK and then read all the other as well. Spira speaks is a great addition too! Cheers

should be taking pectin and clay while you are detoxing to vacuum the toxins up for elimination, otherwise they can get reabsorbed in the gut. When you lose body fat, you are releasing all the toxins held in the fat, which is where are bodies store most of them

Thank you for the advice.
I am doing regular lemon ennema's as suggested in the book. And when not on the fruit fast the 'vegetable broom' also described in the book.

Wow, I thought I heard all there is to eating the right foods, this was a category that I was not aware of, thanks for the information !!

the mucusless diet is simply alkaline electric foods. this includes fruits and non starchy vegetables. this diet is truly the only way to live dis-ease free. check out arnold ehret and dr sebi, both were killed because of their ability and desire to heal others.

Ayahuasca can shows you some nasty things about yourself, you have to be mentally prepared if you really want to transform.

We have a lot to learn from the plant world if we open our minds and hearts to nature's wisdom! I'm going to look more into the Mucusfree diet. Thanks for the comment, @rimke. Onward and upward!

You are welcome @foodisfree
Happy you are interested in finding out more about it. It really transformed my look on food, cleansing and healing. Enjoy the journey 🍇

Thanks so much! We're all on our own journey and also a part of a shared journey. It's great to be able to share ideas and learn from others. Be well!

I did an ayahuasca session back in april this year.
For me it is a healing plant for sure. It got me back to playing guitar after 14 years of playing because of emotional blockage. I am doing one more session in august as I know I 'need' more healing.
Thanks for your awesome walk 'n talks Jeff.

I am also on a vegan, almost raw diet, and it is for the best. It healed 'my RA'. People are asking a lot of questions and are curious but at the same time they prop up all kinds of excuses not to do it themselves. Kind of funny. Most people are like that in many ways. But it does not matter. Lead by example. It is the only way I think.

By now, I have done about 20 DMT (the psychoactive substance in ayahuasca) trips. The experiences have ranged from absolute bliss and meaning to existential terror. All in all, I'm a changed man. Planning to post some trip reports + what I've learned. Will be interesting to see what people think about this.

Here's mine if you are so inclined to read :) Please share yours when you get the time. I will follow you.

Yes, please, share more of your experience! Thank you.

@jeffberwick Did my comment about this the other day inspired to talk about this topic next? :)

It starts with yourself! Once you start eating healthy and working out everything falls into place. That is why I am about to get up and hit the gym before I get to relaxed after work.

it is interesting to hear about your experience. I do not have any addiction. But my life has become more casual and I walk and exercise a lot more now that I live in Colombia. Colombia is also touted as being 'dangerous' when it isn't any more dangerous than when I lived in Reno, Nevada. I really enjoy the life here. I just need to find a source of income to get off the social security Ti..." if you know what I mean. My beliefs are in line with anarchist philosophy plus I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ, so I am content at the life I have chosen. Thank you for your post and I am glad to see you off the alcohol and smokes.

One day ill have the balls to do it. I think the jungle might freak me out too much so i'd probs go to the places in Majorca or something.

What on earth made you do iboga? I thought its just unpleasant but good at kicking addictions.

Great story @jeffberwick. Thanks for sharing. I met Aya. Few years ago in Ecuador, it was an amazing group of people at My wife and I went together, we definitaley felt the call. We were able to try Aya twice, San Pedro twice and Wilka. And also a sweat lodge with San Pedro in a 12 day retreat in the Andes. I will have to share about it on Steemit. Completely life changing experience!

Thats the one, sorry for not linking, my bad! Christine who runs it is awesome! It has only gotten better since I was there. We were the 4th group to go!

Excelente todo lo que has contado, como te has superado y de como has transformado tu vida, sigue adelante amigo y que sigas cosechando mucho exito..!! By @gaborey07 From Venezuela..!! Please friend, do not forget follow me and I will follow you back..

I watched your interview with the creators of steem and throughout the whole thing I kept thinking "wow this guy smokes like a freight train!" I'm glad you quit. I'm 4 months clean myself. In fact, the money I wasted on smokes is what I use to invest in crypto! Completely changing my life!

Ayahuasca, Yagé, or Nishi Cobin. A combination of banisteriopsis caapi, psychotria viridis, diplopterys cabrerana and mimosa hostilis plants

Nice video and good quality post

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From what I have heard about Iboga, even hardcore heroin addicts seem to keep clean after undergoing a heavy 2-day trip. It's amazing the gifts mother nature has left for us for healing, yet we run to the pharmacy for crappy knockoffs manufactured by unscrupulous, evil pharmaceutical conglomerates.

I have followed you since 2012. Glad to see you transforming to a healthier you. I am inspired to do the same.

Plants are smart as fuck!!

Awesome share on your ayahuasca experience! Now I'm looking forward to the one on iboga!!!

Thank you very very much for spreading the word, @jeeberwick!

I have tried ayahuasca for the first time few years ago and the experience was so intense that I had to take a long time to process before doing it again. I still remember all the feelings I had... from pain going through guilt, fear, regret (for doing it, as you said, hoping for it to end) and then acceptance, relief, forgiveness, gratefulness and finally love. It's impossible to describe the feeling I had when undestood enought to fully forgive myself for all the pain I caused to others. At the same time, by forginving myself I could move to the stage of forgiving everyone else and let in all the love comming in my direction.

I cannot express how touching it was to hear about your experience.

Really, thank you!

It's great to hear you got the help you needed. Many times people think there's no way out but there's always a way. No matter how hard something seems, you can overcome it. It's just changing your mindset and you can change your life. Think positive and be optimistic and positive things will come your way. The biggest hurdle is just making a decision. Make a move because no one ever got anywhere by standing still. Thanks for sharing!

This comment is so spot on and I can't even explain. Shaping your reality starts with a simple decision and then absolute focus. We really are powerful beyond measure!

I was in Peru where my brother had a Hotel for Ayahuasca tourists man that was some good time and a live change i have tried also Iboga which has a longer trip. But what you have to do is "5MeO DMT" that is the ice peak of the mountain. Thanks for the nice post and have a nice day LOVE&LIGHT

I forgot to tell that if people have a strong addiction Iboga will help them very good to lose that addiction i have seen it with lot of people and different addictions . You can do it originally in Gabon with some tribes or in Costa Rica in the Iboga house.

Good thing you didn't kill yourself. I wouldn't have learned about Fruitarianism if it wasn't for you.

Ayahuasca is something I absolutely intend on trying one day. That being said, that's one hell of a experience and I don't think I'm at the point yet where I'm ready to give it to myself.

Granted, I'll never be fully ready for an experience like that, but I'm not at a point in my life yet where it presents itself as a priority.

I've experienced both psilocybin and LSD, and they were profound and life changing every time. The lessons learned, the thoughts had, and the insight gained were invaluable and absolutely unlike anything else I've experienced.

Psychedelics, the plants, if we can rebuild our relationship with them, our respect for them, the way many other ancient cultures had, than I think our society as a whole would undoubtedly benefit and become more empathetic, compassionate, and understanding.

Obviously, the psychedelic experience isn't for everyone, but accepting it as a means of growth and learning could make a huge difference in the way we interact with ourselves and each other.

whales please support minor posts or steemit will start to loose people. Thank you.

I think you may be right.

You are right! But there are also whales supporting minnows.

Really awesome to see you transforming and bringing this information to a wider audience. I've followed you for years for your unique financial insights, and now this great news! Clearly we all must live healthy lives and continue to strive for physical, intellectual and spiritual freedom! Thanks :)

These amazing experiences have been helpful to me.
Thanks for sharing again @jeffberwick

.. Always in touch.

Good tips @jeffberwick , health is very important

@jeffberwick Such great work, you are appreciated!
I actually wrote up an article about you and a few others on the great work that you are doing here on Steemit. To read the article please click the link below

Ayahuasca is great. Swim once ordered all components from shayana and brewed them home but you can achieve similar effect with normal DMT.

great post thank for sharing! voted and resteemed!

good post man !!
good luck for other experience..
you have a good idea @jeffberwick
i support and resteem you ..

This picture has said it all....there is no gain at all....Is nice you have pulled out @jeffberwick

Yet both these lungs belong to people who died. LOL

That's a great transformation, Jeff
All the very best. @jeffberwick

Love Ayahuasca! Life changer :)

Ayahuasca is a good start now you have to try Iboga and 5MeO DMT :)

I've done them both.

Okay good and does it helped you? The Iboga helped me with stop smoking and the 5MeO DMT opened my eyes like Ayahuasca couldn't .

I think a lot depends on howcthe Ayahuasca is made... But dit not yet tried the two others. I know Iboga, but don't know 5MeO..

Yes you are right i would not take Ayahuasca wich is not made by a shaman and for me personal the best one you get in Peru. Try to get some 5MeO if you love Ayahuasca you will love it.

Even made by Shaman it can be different. Not everyone put the same basic ingredients, some put extra plants in it.
My first experience what with Ayahuasca made by Santo Daime people, so lighter version. Second one was stronger, but i think there was more in than oney the ayahuasca and chacruna.. and this gave an whole other experience.. Not sure if it is ever made with pure Ayahuasca alone.

Yes you are right it need to be done by a good cook. For me the best you can get is in Peru Iquitos. Combination of both a MAOI-containing plant and DMT-containing substance is necessary for full effects.

Health is wealth, nice one bro.

I read your post. I followed you and UpVote you. Please read my post about real knowledge of life from famous Epic Bhagvad Geeta which I Translate fro Sanskrit to English in my way. I sure it's transform your life.

I think that the world needs ayahuasca... I believe it DE-psychopaths people,
and undoes apathy...

I would like to hear your story on ibgoa! From what I know its the most powerful and quick things to do to clear any kind of addiction. I heard it even works in extreme cases like heroin addicts.

I was just looking up Anarchapulco on wiki and I saw this said about you jeff...Sailing Accident-
In July 2005, Berwick's catamaran, caught in a 50 knot squall, was driven into the rocks and sank. Berwick and his partner survived by holding onto a broken surfboard.

Can you tell that story in a video sometime soon?

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hi amazing post i´m writing a top 10 of drug the ayahuasca is the top 1

Congratulations @jeffberwick it takes a very strong individual to be able to come through the addictions you just mentioned. I know because I had to go through it as well and what a nightmare. So the new you looks better, feels better, thinks more clearly, has a new awareness about Life and even food tastes better. Be careful, I put on about 40 pounds after cleaning up. But lost back about half and working on the rest.

Thanks for sharing and meeting the new you,

I'm not sure I would want to use ayahuasca. I don't like snake near me, all stories I heard about ayahuasca had some kind of reptile, snake in them.

i am with you, psychedelics is the thing to get humanity evolving past the egocentric capitalistic .the money talks, no one care how the money got there.

Your story impressed me, I think I also need ayahuasca at this point of my life. I can not cry I have a beautiful life, I travel a lot, I have a lot of beautiful things, but I miss the essence of my life, somehow I miss it, I miss love, and I miss the reason to gladly wake up the next day. I know I want change, but I am very afraid of this change for years in a while.

I went to Peru and participated in an Ayahuasca healing ritual. It was eye opening and extremely interesting from a psychological perspective. I felt that it really cleaned out some of the psychological garbage in my life.


Ayahuasca is an Amazonian plant mixture that is capable of inducing altered states of consciousness, usually lasting between 4 to 8 hours after ingestion. Ranging from mildly stimulating to extremely visionary, ayahuasca is used primarily as a medicine and as a shamanic means of communication, typically in a ceremonial session under the guidance of an experienced drinker.
The main ingredient of this jungle tea is a vine, Banisteriopsis caapi, which like the tea itself is also called ayahuasca (which means ‘vine of the soul’ or ‘vine with a soul’). The secondary ingredient is either chacruna (Psychotria viridis) or chagropanga (Diplopterys cabrerana), plants that contain a relatively high amount of the psychedelic substance DMT.

Nobody knows for sure how long this drink has been used. First recorded Western contact with ayahuasca was made in 1851 by Richard Spruce, the famous ethnobotanist from England. When taking into account archeological evidence of comparable native plant use, it seems likely that its use dates back to at least two millennia ago.

Nice post loved it...Check me out @empres-m

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would you please give the exact address, im planning on doing this next week, please sir.

Thanks for your great story!

Thank you Jeff! 100% upvote for you, you were the Facebook friend who brought me to Steemit! Very appreciative.

AMAZING I would like to experience that one day although i have tried LSD twice it changed my thoughts about how i felt and started thinking more optimistically!!

I have done the iboga at Ibogaquest with Barry and Veronica for psycho-spiritual reasons. It's like hitting a reset button on your mind. However, I don't think it's a panacea, just a helpful phase on my journey.

Really informative and honest. I'm aiming to try Ayahuasca for decades now and read a lot about it especially about Terence McKenna and his experience with it, i hope in the near future i will be able to achieve this plan. Thanks for the inspiration. Upvoted, followed and resteemd.
BTW check out my Art, since you did't had no visuals I'm sure you'll love what you see. ☺ Cheers M8

That's really very upfront. I really like the way you open up to the people. Health is wealth and you have done a pretty good job so far leaving behind the bad habits which are taking you down. One should be really conscious about his own health. Love the way you're doing it .
Wish you all the luck @jeffberwick .

I'm glad that it helps youthanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

Great for you! Keep it up!

Thanks for sharing your experience with the teacher plants! Looking forward to your future episode on Iboga :)

I really want to try this. I still need to try weed and the sensory deprevation tank at the same time. I heard thats an experience!!!!!

been watching your videos for a while now, keep going!!!

This is fantastic Jeff! So glad to see others interested in the powerful medicines of the jungle. My hubby and I are planning a trip to Peru to do a number of ceremonies within a small tribe. I cannot wait for the experience. We have also been called to Ayahuasca for the past year and are excited to try it. Namaste, my friend and be well.

i have heard 2 pf your podcast and they were great.... you engage with your host well... I admire you for that.

hi, I live in Myanmar Country.
Please, follow and vote me.

I'm starting to look forward to the walk with the dogs and listening to you is inspirational. Thanks! Cant wait for the Iboga video!

I think I need this Ayahuasca

Hey inspiring! I've been watching you Anarchist post for a while now around a year I suppose. I have watched you grow spiritually. Finally I took you advice and joined Steemit. It's good to see a more personal natural insight in to your thinking. It been interesting to see you journey my other half always said your we growing spiritually and she was right you've really come a long way. Quite inspiring.

As for the Ayahuasca it's been on my mind for a few years. I've done many recreational hallucinogens in the past, kinda opposite to you in party situations and raves but never Ayahuasca. I always felt LSD really cleared my head after I felt strangely refreshed like I'd had a clean out of my brain. Anyways it been a few years since I have done any drugs (well 7 or 8), I have woken up rapidly and spiritually. Following your Anarchist videos had really brought my think forward and helped my understand my stance on life, filled in the gaps as it were.

So I am waiting for the opportunity to arise to do it but it never has. Once I did in India (or was that Peyote) and that was not to be. The anarchapulco seems like the time I was thinking that just before you mentioned it in the video. A long expensive way from the UK and I don't have the budget at all. Last year was very tough death, finances and life sucked. NOW! I have broken the cycle with manifestation (a post to come) magically got a 2:1 (piece of paper degree) and a job. Not very anarchist and not ideal but I have big plans. So funds are coming in and my time at anarchapulco will come.

Thanks for this. I now know I will do Ayahuasca at anarchapulco when I don't know but it has been set. Great to connect :)

You made great effort

Thank you for this post.

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We get sucked into many bad habits. We got to ask for help and get out of those places.

Great post , thanks for sharing your amazing experience
following you

I reached out to a tribe on the internet who recommended I dont try it because of a history of concussions that caused epilepsy. Because I use medical cannabis to treat my condition and they said this is another reason they do not want me to try it. Its unfortunate. Maybe when I'm nearing the end of my life

I use medical cannabis as well and had no problem with Ayahuasca, Iboga, DMT and 5MeO DMT if you like to do Iboga I recommend the Iboga House in Cost Rica and for Ayahuasca the best place is Iquitos Peru.

I really appreciate your authentic posts @jeffberwick and I look forward to seeing more of your content in the future. I think you’d really enjoy a recent post of mine...take a quick read and let me know what you think -

Oh, and remember, be yourself, because nobody else does it better -- Full #Steem ahead :)

Much ❤

Ayahuasca and iboga. Learnt something new with your post.

So glad you choose to make the right decision. Now you inspire us all with your story.

Glad to join you on your journey of healing.

Ugh that's a new word in my vocabulary
@jeffberwick You sure got loads of willpower! You the man!

In the past, I was smoking for about three months! After I realized the damage I was doing to myself I quit smoking immediately. Thinking that you give your money to the capitalists and those big companies, is the only way not to start this bad habit again...

Get Some Balls Jeff! You Don't Ever Talk About The Real Shit Anymore! You've Turned Into A Real PUSSY Dude! Kill Yourself!

Interesting and timely @jeffberwick.
I Live in Bangkok, Thailand, instead of my home country, Australia, for many of the same reasons you reject life in the US. But lately I've been feeling it's time to move forward. That part of the world looks very interesting.
I was just discussing ayahuasca a few nights ago at a party. The idea seems to be popping up more and more in my life.

Your personal channel has been very inspiring!

Thanks for sharing that helpful experience....

you motivate me dude :)
followed and upvotes

Known Ayahuasca for quite a while. For me, it is a richman's medicine. Because I'm from Malaysia, and after a bit of calculation, just the cost of the flight for me to go from Malaysia to ayahuasca healing centre in PERU will cost me at least approx. 1800USD and i have not count the transportation, the retreat cost, food and this and that.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 3.21.43 AM.png

But still, i look forward to that day, and see how ayahuasca will change my life! :D

Support to you

Ive been considering this for a long time man, if i find it near me im going to take the plunge
I only just heard about Iboga, gotta check it out

Hey @jeffberwick, thanks for sharing. Very powerful medicine indeed.

So glad to hear you quit smoking. It really didn't suite you anyways. :)

Interesting that you posted this today because all day I was planning on posting my trip-report from the last time I smoked DMT. I'd be honored if you read it. :)


Good recovery @jeffberwick! Very proud of what you have done so far!! Keep up man!

Good stuff Jeff! My wife did Aya in Iquitos 4 years ago. She and I noted some dramatic changes after those 2 weeks. This cleanses you from the inside out, shaping your being and purging out lower energies that are at the root of our problems.

Good blog. Love the dogs most of all. I think I tune in to see them just as much! :)

You say you have a family, but you keep showing dogs. I´d like to see your kids! I have no problem with dogs, but I do prefer children!

Don´t get me wrong. I follow you personally and professionally. You have been and still are very very helpful to me. But I have been struggling not to mention this till now, when I decided to spit it up.

Ayahuasca has two sides. For some people, it can easily be the worst decision of their lives. I was one of these people.

No, the Shaman or the retreat was not the problem.

I am not going to explain all the details, but it messed me up physically and mentally. My first night positive. That was dwarfed by going to hell the next night.

Some of the negative symptoms (2nd night):

  1. I couldn't eat or walk for the next 3 days
  2. I got physical with myself (bruises all over my face, black eye, and blood in my nose)
  3. Horrible nightmares for at least 6 months
  4. Horrible stomach problems (this could be anything, but I have my suspicions)

Positive takeaways (1st night):

  1. I loved my wife more
  2. Decided that I wanted a baby with the love of my life
  3. Respected the universe a lot more

Cool story man. Have you heard that Jim Carey went into the jungle to research a role where he plays Terrence McKenna? Come down to Oz and try some DMT ;)

You're like living all the things that are in my head to do!

Awesome.. good for you. There is always hope if someone wants to do better for themselves. These videos are inspirational and hope many people take heed to the messages. Cheers

you are too trippy mate. sometimes i think i've gone to the moon and back. kinda settled a bit recently. i wonder if its like any of the other things you've taken

i wish people could have this type of experience. when you work with indigenous and shamanic tools, you can really liberate the mind. great video. cheers

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thank you