The National Crafts Fair of Barranquitas.

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During the past weekend of July 12-14, the 58th edition of the National Craft Fair of Barranquitas was held.

The National Crafts Fair of Barranquitas is one of the two most recognized festivals in Barranquitas and the oldest of its kind in Puerto Rico. From its discreet beginning in 1959 until now, the exhibition of handicrafts has grown to bring 200 artisans or more and thousands of visitors during this weekend every year.

Source: Feria Nacional de Artesanias de Barranquitas/Facebook
National Crafts Fair of Barranquitas in its beginnings (1959).

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Crafts Fair of Barranquitas 2019.

During this weekend, the town center becomes a market selling handicrafts and typical food of all kinds.

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Feria de Artesanias.jpg


In addition, a musical - cultural program is organized that attracts hundreds of people.

Source: Ibrahim Ortiz/

Source: Ibrahim Ortiz/

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My intention was to go to the Fair to have a good time and take photos and videos to share here.

I could not.

My right foot and ankle was hurting so much that I could go. I was afraid that everything I had to walk there would make me worse. So I missed it this year.

I hope that next year I can go and share what happens when I'm there.


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Howdy sir jiirizarry! Very interesting indeed and it looks like a great times as well. What is wrong with your ankle and foot?

Hello Mr. janton! I developed Charcot foot syndrome due to diabetes and diabetic neuropathy. It weakens the muscles in the area which can cause the bones to deform, fracture, or break. I ended up with several fractures in the foot and ankle. I now have a hardware stores supply of screws and rods in the right leg and I have to use a crow boot for life.

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oh no! ouch, that all sounds very painful! Do you have to take medication for the pain too? What is a crow boot?

It is. I can take pain medication when needed but I usually just bear with it and try to move the least possible when it flares up.

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Ok, I see. That looks like it would be really hot in the summer!

Ok, I see. That
Looks like it would be really
Hot in the summer!

                 - janton

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Because you don't want to get addicted to the pain medication?

Because you don't want
To get addicted to the
Pain medication?

                 - janton

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.