Life is too short to be unhappy

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Good morning and happy Sunday, fellow steemians, how has the day being.
Is being a long while i posted last and this afternoon am making an awesome post, free feel, relax and read.
Well, am James Michael, by name. Am comic in nature and all my friends loves me for that.
Please, If i may ask, has your days bring hetic, stressful and frustrating, just relax.
The truth my day top has being very very bad, but, o have good news. I can't come and kill myself, I have decided to be happy and I want to use this song lyrics I composed myself to make both you and myself happy.
Please, before you go through the song lyrics, just know that am not a musician, sing writer or composer neither am I a producer or DJ.
Then what? am only looking for routes yo making myself happy today so I can forget all the stress and frustrations of today and i thought it wise that i could make my fellow steemians happy and forget their day heartbreak, denial, betrayal, frustration and stress.
Maybe i have a little advice for you.

  1. Life is too short to spend it unhappy, depressed, heartbroken and rejected.
  2. Life is too sweet to make bad and sour memories mar your day.
  3. Life has no duplicate, so handle it with extreme care.
    This is my song lyrics.
    Life is too short to be unhappy. My brother, my sister, my papa, my mama. Don't worry.
    If you don't money
    Maybe you are heartbroken
    Did your boyfriend deny nor betray you
    Did your girlfriend abandoned you
    Maybe you don't have food right now
    Looking at it, you don't job right now
    Maybe you have no kids
    No one to call your own
    No family
    No wife
    No hubby
    Maybe you are at the point of commiting suicide.
    My advice is don't worry
    Don't cry
    Just be happy and smile.
    Maybe you are thinking, why can't I even die.
    Hear this, you are better than the death, no matter your condition, you are alive and living.
    Just google the net, we will find out that someone just died now, someone got buried now.
    But, that is not your story.
    One day a wealth fellow died, I was opportune to attend his funeral. At the funeral the little boy was asked to pray. His prayer will make you mad.
    He said, God please, take all this wealth, the houses, the cars, everything and bring back my father.
    Give all these wealths to that poor family over there, they haven't lost anyone, please, give them our wealth and make us poor, so that no one will ever die on my family again.
    So, pathetic, you said. I almost cried, did you.
    This is true for most people, the life you are rejecting and complaining about, because you don't have what to sustain it with, Someone somewhere is begging for it.
    Please, be happy, smile.
    Life is too short to be spent feeling frustrated, depressed, unhappy and rejected.
    Well, I will stop here.
    If you read to this last paragraph!!!!.

Hope you are now smiling and wondering, if this post worth upvoting and commenting.