Kasa Smart Light Bulb

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KL 130 | Kasa Smart Light Bulb, Multicolor

There was a weekend where I visit some PC store and saw the smart light bulb. In the Malaysia market, there are not many smart light bulbs that I know of except for Nano Leaf which the price is super expensive to me. This is a product under TP-LINK, I haven't been updating myself with all these smart products in the market.

I found Kasa Smart Light Bulb to be affordable for the beginner as the price is around RM 99.00 (USD 24) if only you're interested in this type of light. So if you decide to buy then you need to install their app, from the app you can change to the colour you want.

If you do streaming and don't want to spend so much on lighting, maybe you can get this one to try first then only proceed to get a better light bulb. I might get this but not so soon because I haven't decide whether I wanna get back to do video or want to start streaming.. After I decide at 4th quarter then I will start look into all these...

Have a great week and wear your face mask!

For more information about this light bulb, check out the link below.