You Can't Grow If You Don't Take Steps To. Stop The Blame Game!

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Very often, blame makes people lame. It's a two edged sword. It makes the one that blames lame and the one that is blamed lame. Its stance progress. It weakens the force of correction, it retards growth it, represses change and it dulls movement.

Am I the only one who thinks **BLAME** sounds like **Be LAME**?

People are less likely to discover what is wrong with whatever is going wrong in their life if they keep looking for who to blame or who is causing the fault. That is, if they keep spending their energy looking for who is wrong when things are going wrong in their lives they are likely never going to discover the problem.


Blame makes the past resembled present and the present resemble the past.

Living in blame is living in the past and for people to move ahead, for people to grow, we have to realise that we cannot keep blaming bad leadership, we cannot keep blaming bad governance, we have to stop blaming and work on how to make progress.
We have to realise that it is not who is wrong but what is wrong.
If we must continue to progress, we need to realise that we shouldn't be looking for who to blame what is more important is look for what is wrong and find a way to handle the situation.

Blame is usually caused by failure. Failure of the government to pull infrastructure in place, failure of the leadership to check corruption properly, failure of the boss to pay salaries on time, failure of one thing or the other, all these can lead to people blaming the system, blaming the government, blaming the leadership is said of sitting down and trying to work.

But then they are the few instances of people who have refused to accept this status quo of allowing failure to silence them. The people do not blame the government, they did not blame the system, rather they look for what is not working well in whatever it is they are doing and try to find a way out.

This is the only way people can come out of failure and make a headway for themselves in life.

We can learn from history if we want. Do not sit there and say you can't rise again or you can do what you always wanted to do. All hope is not lost. Shakespeare makes it more emphatic:

There is a tide in the affairs of men which taken at the flood, leads to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries.

Stop the blame game. You have another opportunity. Give it a trial, no matter how long it takes it is better to walk forward slowly than to walk backwards and always putting the blame on someone other than your actions leads to backwards steps.


Very well said 👌.
They always blame everyone else except themselves for their failures and misfortunes.
Stop the blame game.

Thanks for stopping by and I believe the more we take responsibility, the lesser we are to have misfortunes..

Oh.. this is the earliest comment I've got on any of my blog posts.. I was susspicious you didn't almost read it..

Thanks @reservedsingle