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Mark Zuckerberg owns your mind he says. They say things like, don't believe in the conspiracy theory that you'll be forced to take Covid vaccine shots, and you will have to take the shots and don't believe the conspiracy theory that many people who will take vaccine will die, don't worry, you will die and Bill Gates is saying the lockdown will continue through 2030 and beyond, the next ten years at least.


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2020-10-14 - Wednesday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-10-14 - Wednesday
Published in October of 2020

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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What will happen WHEN Trump wins 2020?

11:06 PM - Facebook

Ryan Forrest, my post is not related to what you are talking about. We are not talking about the same specific things. I am talking Facebook. You are talking counting mail-in ballots after election night which also happened in 2016 as well. They've been counting mail-in ballots days after election night every four years for many decades. So, what you're talking about is not what I'm talking about. In 2016, on election night, people simply reported who won. But in 2020, Facebook said they won't let you share that. Twitter has said it too. YouTube said what people did in 2016 cannot be done in 2020, that is the plan, they have said it.

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Diamond & Silk

12:05 AM - LIVE: President Donald J. Trump Rally in Johnstown, PA 10/13/20

Open Mind

11:33 PM - The censorship Rubicon was crossed. Zuckerberg declared himself your master and owner.

Jim Jordan took Google money, they haven't stopped tech overlords. The peasants must revolt. Mike Cernovich is saying that the RINOs should fucking lose and deserve it and I agree that these fake conservatives are destroying things when they do not take down the criminals. Some of the Republicans are criminals like the Democrats, globalists, and others. Mark Zuckerberg declares himself as the master and owner of our content and mind.

General Shepherd

11:53 PM - ALEX JONES (Full Show) Wednesday - 10/14/20

They say things like, don't believe in the conspiracy theory that you'll be forced to take Covid vaccine shots, and you will have to take the shots and don't believe the conspiracy theory that many people who will take vaccine will die, don't worry, you will die and Bill Gates is saying the lockdown will continue through 2030 and beyond, the next ten years at least.



01:30 AM - 10:00 AM. In a dream, guy wanted to know where I was sitting in an outside church or school or community potluck at LMS or some kind of campus lawn, yard, land, place with a parking, grass, trees, sunshine. I told the military like man I would go towards the cherry tree even as I was on the other side the last time. So, he might have went that direction to wait for me. I was thinking of not going that direction to get away from him or not. I was also thinking about the different college or church or whatever friends I wanted to sit next to depending on who was all there. Some people might have wanted me to speak different languages or something else and I am not sure if I did or not or what. In a previous dream, I saw people in a bad situation, like The Walking Dead except they had open caskets in the ground. One lady or girl, possibly around 20 years old, found out she was going to die from the zombie disease or cancer or I don't know. She is with her girl friends and they talk and everything to say goodbye and everything. Eventually, she goes into the tomb with a bunch of snacks. So, the idea was that she was eat snacks while being buried alive as she was going to die. I was there kind of like watching. In another dream, with my brother at 163 and we looked at the 164 fence and it might have been another place at the same time. But there was a water mote or something there between our yard and theirs. We were like sliding down the mote or river but we were also like trying to dig and fix the mote or something deep in the ground. Also, Mario 64 game, flying around, I was, or maybe I was just thinking of an earlier dream while in that dream where I was flying around like Mario in a dream from years ago or I don't know when but I think years ago. So, in total, had several dreams last night as you can see, I wrote down right here the few pieces of what I could remember from each dream but left out many details. I can't remember the rest of it.

Ate some rice for breakfast. I was working on the chicken house, specifically the nesting boxes, the frame, today. It was sunny and while going in what I call a barn, a deer was staring at me. Take out the recycling please. Oh, he forgot to. Please say sorry. Good rice for dinner. Also chicken, around 5 PM. I told the story about needing 12 inch wood, planks, boards, for the thing I have been building, that is where it was, as the deer was looking at me as I went inside and as I left. Bye deer, I said. I even talk to the hamster, call me Dr. DoLittle. I prayed that God be the writer of our hearts. We can pray for writers to change but we cannot always force things to happen and nor should we as that may violate freewill. We cannot erase the past. We didn't get around to reading Daniel, a book in the Bible.

Popcorn. Chair broke. Couldn't fix it.

Movie Night

08:30 PM - 10:30 PM - Never Ending Story 1 is about a boy, similar to Page Master and The Princess Bride. In these films, the boy is running from the bully and then finds a book that saves him and turns him into a hero. In this movie, the first Never Ending Story, there is a rock cutting grass or paving a road or going home from working with the seven dwarfs. He runs into the muppet village people had they grew up on Sesame Street. They fly over to a palace lacking security. A boy appears and is given a quest to save the universe from the nothing which appeared to be time and space collapsing but in the end, spoiler alert, is not that as there is still stars and space left or perhaps some of Fantasia was still there. The boy is like Aladdin and his horse dies in the Empire Strikes Back, the bearded man tells him like Yoda not to take anything. Unlike Luke Skywalker, he decided not to bring his lightsaber or he did bring his horse who sank in the quicksand. I guess he paid for bringing something. After that, the giant dragon horse dog pet saved him after his horse died. He should have came sooner. The dragon is the pet of these small dwarf elf hobbit couple, a woman witch and a scientist man, they're small. Aladdin makes it past 1 gate and talks to the second. Why doesn't he go through the next gate? Where does it go? Will it tell us in the 2nd or 3rd film? Like Superman vs Batman, the key to saving the world was in the name of their mother. Aladdin looks in the mirror like Rey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and sees himself or he actually sees the boy who is reading the book who sees him in an endless loop that may as Doc Brown explains in Back to the Future destroy space and time as we know it. The boy fights the wolf who is Satan and who tries to save him by helping understand everything like the snake did to Adam and Eve in the garden in understanding existence and right and wrong, in helping break the 4th wall in understanding Fantasia has no limit which reminds me of Metal Gear Joey 2011 which dealt with similar matters. The black demon dog was pulling him into the dark side of the force and then finds out he was the boy who was going to save the world and he goes at him and is stabbed to death, goodbye doggy. The creepy love dragon for all the Hollywood Holly Weird people out there having sex fucking babies, children, as they do, as they murder them, torture them, and worse, the dragon carries the boy through space as nothing destroys everything. They go in the palace. He talks to the girl princess who reminds me of the elf girl from Tim Allen's The Santa Clause who reminds me of Tiffany Cumbo said the father of Bill Bailey one time. SHe says the story was not all in vain as it helped the reader boy realize he was in the story and could save it. So, the boy does and is then talking to the girl somehow. After that, the boy flies through Fantasia on the pedophile dragon, waves at people who don't know him and then he terrorizes the bullies who then jump in the same dumpster he jumped in. Meanwhile in real life, he probably starved to death in the attic of the school. Will he ever return the book to that old guy, his book store with the bell on the door, similar to the man in the Narnia story who was probably the lion as well, get off my lawn kind of thing.

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