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What's for dinner?

My eldest asked.

Minced beef custard! I announced with glee.

Eldest looked at me with that look I've come to know so well over the last 11 years. The one where he's trying to figure out whether I'm having him on or not.

Minced beef custard he said slowly, eyeing me suspiciously.

Minced. Beef. Custard. I repeat back to him, nodding like a crazy woman who just predicted the future.

That was possibly my first mistake right there.

I guess it was a meal doomed to failure once I'd christened it minced beef custard instead of calling it by its proper name, Bobotie (Boh-Boar-Tee).

It's a South African recipe that I'd been dying to try out for ages because it looks all kinds of delicious.

Check it:


Oh my god what is this deliciousness?!.... I hear you cry!

Like I said,

It's minced beef custard.

You cook up your minced beef with some herbs and spices that give it a fragrant, curry-ish taste.

You add to this bread which has been soaked in milk, plus plenty of raisins.

Then you top it off with egg and milk combined, and pop it in the oven.

Unfortunately, what ended up on the table was nothing like the beautiful photo above. This may have had something to do with not cooking the darn thing for long enough, so the custard topping was more like, well, a raw egg and milk topping.

Suffice to say,

There were tears from middle child.

There were suppressed snorts of laughter from the eldest.

And there were brave attempts at one spoonful followed by another by my love for around 5 minutes before he got up and made everyone some toast.

And my youngest?

Well, always the trooper.... he collected everyone's bowls in front of him and proceeded to dig out all the raisins and eat those for his dinner.

Ah well.

Bobotie, you custard-y devil, I'll get you next time!


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A phrase from friends that Joey used:- "meat good, custard good" but I think Ross summed it up better with the phrase:- "it tastes like feet".

Not saying yours tasted like feet @johleen hehe.

I hope it goes better for you next time @johleen.

Hahaha! Well, now you've gone an impressed me more by quoting Friends. Is there no end to your talents?? :)

friends was and still is the best tv sitcom ever and I must have watched it a thousand times, there were rummers going around of a film been made but got dismissed by the cast, I for one think that it was left at a point were they should not do any more episodes, it was a perfect ending to the show. but saying that if they did do another season or a film I would be the first one in the queue to see it. :)

I would think that Bobotie would elicit even more questions than Minced Beef Custard. You couldn't have been more specific than that haha! I guess the little dragons are just at an age where they're picky eaters. The description of the dish looks mighty appetizing. I think I haven't eaten anything South African before. If it were me, I would've gobbled that up before the smoke cleared from the dish!

Look at me talking as if I didn't go through that phase for years haha! I'm surprised my mother didn't go bald out of frustration from my pickiness!

Gah, picky dragons is right!! Haha I love that you would have gobbled it up... you're welcome round for tea any time!!

what? no. mince beef sure. custard is a whole OTHER thing for me. i'm afraid my brain is struggling to compute the custard inside of a donut and the EGG CUSTARD of a cake. CAN'T COMPETE. SHUT DOWN JONNY 5.

seriously thou, sounds interesting. funny how words of things can invoke the things we take as established in our minds.

Haha! Yeah, that's exactly what my eldest was like. Does not compute!!

Man, custard inside a donut is a GENIUS move!!

yep, it's a mouthgasm of the highest order.

hahaha. This reminds me of my childhood.

Every single time my mother would give us some fancy name in reply to "what's for dinner", we knew we were in trouble :D

There was always a 50:50 chance of it turning out super awesome or let's have some toast with jam instead!

But now that i have grown up and heard stories of my friends who have eaten the same food day in and day out, i cannot be anything but grateful to my mother and her adventurous cooking.

There wasn't a month when we would have the same dish for dinner. Every day something new. Even now i am always up for trying out some new foods, while my friends will continue to order the same old same old.

So no matter how many misses your children might endure, when they grow up they will only remember the hits :) Keep at the food experimentation!

Aw that's a nice memory to have, and if it meant that you're the kinda person who will always try new food then all to the good! You've inspired me to continue with the food experimentation!!

Yum-za! Everything I'm not allowed to eat atm :/ I can look but not touch as they say :)

p.s My robotic p.a will be attending to an upvote shortly ;)

Aw thanks!

How's the bland diet of champions going? Those taste buds adjusting more...?

Good question - Yeah and no. I fell off the bland-wagon the other day, much to my own detriment. Gotta learn the hard way ;)

Ouch! Which naughty food tempted you off the band-wagon?

Veg Korma, samosas and saag paneer - a dumbass 'test' I regretted big-time :/

oooh, well that does all sound yummy, I can see why it pulled you over to the dark side.

Ah but sorry you had to pay for it though...

Mmm, yummy mince with raw egg and milk. I am smacking my lips right now!

Haha! I can send you some in the post? I'm pretty sure it will look and taste about the same when it arrives!

Well, the back wall does need a bit of pointing!

Oooh just in time. It was inches away from the bin. Now it's in a bubble wrap envelope winging its merry way up to you. XD

Magic! I shall alert the border to allow it in!

nice dinner

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Where there is love there is life.

- Mahatma Gandhi

hmmm am already salivating here. The meal looks really appetizing. You eldest brother is in for a lovely dinner

I like it too. I think it comes from Malaysia but is very South African.

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