The Ultimatum of a 7 Year Old - Over the Garden Fence

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I was reminded of something today while in the car on the way to school.

We stopped at some traffic lights, and I watched as an elderly gentleman crossed in front of us.

He was probably around 80 years old.

What surprised me was the speed at which he jogged lightly across the road. He was clearly still pretty fit and sprightly. And I felt like I had a fleeting glimpse of what he was like as a young man.

So yes.

It reminded me of something my (then) 7 year old said to me as I put him to bed....

Mummy, I love you he said as I was leaving the room.

I love you too sweetheart!

Mummy I love you so much I'm going to marry you! He called as I was was starting to close the door.

Aw well that's very nice of you to say honey! I called back...

And then as I walked away -

But not if you get old Mummy....

...If you get old I'll hate you....

Wait. What?!

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What is Over the Garden Fence?

Sometimes I feel like posting a bit of chitter chatter. You know, just a few of my thoughts. Stuff that doesn't necessarily constitute a full blown post, but I fancy blogging about it anyway. That's where Over the Garden Fence comes in. These posts are gonna be my natter posts. Short and sweet. Quickies if you will. Here for you if you've only got 5 seconds to spare. :)

You can find the rest of the Over the Garden Fence posts here.

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perfect. i like these. keep em comin.

Aw cheers. I've not been able to get on Steemit much lately... especially when it's been playing up and taking so much time to load. :)

yeah it's been a bit of a pain recently what with the downtime. hope they fix it.

Ahahaha!! Well that was quick! From loving someone enough to marry them to completely hating their guts. Children are funny. You could always trust them to bring laughter with their quotes. It's interesting how obsolescence is already instilled at a very young age though.

Yeah I agree they are really funny!

Haha, yep that went from yay to nay in a flash!!

I know right... the obsolescence thing... Funny and/or disturbing!!

I used to throw my ciggy butts #overthegardenfence

only joking! We had a hedge :D

Tis a good idea, I often have little ideas in mind that don't really constitute a full blown post (although still enough ramble to 'beat' many i see!).

Have a good day, I hope the UK hasn't blown away!

Haha! The garden fence seems to be the place of many clandestine events!!

Thanks, you too. Not been too windy here thankfully. :)

Clandestine - great word! Need to hear that once a a day at least :)

Kids can be so honest its awesome. It reminds me of this really funny video I watched with old people crossing the street would it be ok if i posted it here?

Sure go ahead!

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You'll never grow old Johleen ~ So no need for concern there.

LOVE your idea of short chats over the garden fence. Once common, in my childhood suburban life ~ But sadly, not so much now.

I didn't answer you about us both loving to add this beautiful blue butterfly to our 'work.' Such a wonderful love to have in common. Blue butterflies like this are more common further north of Sydney where it's more tropical. But I've actually seen them in our backyard on the (very) odd occassion. 🦋

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply! Yes, chats over the garden fence were much more a thing of my youth... nice memories though. :)

Ah, yes I've pretty much only seen blue butterflies when I've been visiting the far east or butterfly farms. So yes, don't see them very often at all... which is perhaps why I love them so much!