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Hi Steemit I've been away for a bit but wanted to share a story from a couple of months ago... Screenshot_20180715-020520.jpg
In the excitement of painting my 2 owls this was one of the few shots of me with both of them. I was unwell and couldn't attend tonight's auction but I'm so happy that all the owls on auction sold and over $300,000 was raised for the Child Cancer Foundation. The sponsors, organisers and artists can be so proud of this achievement. I will always feel very priviledged that I was a part of this amazing journey and though I will miss these 2 hanging out in my garage lol, I'm glad they've found good homes.
Thank you to my friends and family for your support during this season(and all my owl spam posts lol) I hope to share more with you all very soon. God bless.

Owlofa Atu

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