How does change affect someone

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Life happens

So according to google dictionary, change is to the act or instance of making or becoming different which is the "noun"., however, the verb states take or use another instead of.

Just imagine it's been years you have been going about a certain thing in a certain way and its not working then what do you do?

For me, I would try something new. In this life, there are limitless possibilities of things we can try and do to create change or harmony in your life or to obtain a certain gold. One thing I have been getting to understand more is that you should not try to reinvent the wheel because you will pay with time or money.

So the biggest issue today is how can one change or become a better person in order to gain wealth. Well, I just told you how to. You have to become a better person or change you-you are now to a better model. Upgrade your skill set, read books and start off a new path/

Imagine you are a cup. If you are full of water how can you get more in? You try that and tell me how because that will never happen.

The meaning behind the statement is you are too heavy or you have too much going on in your mind.

You have no dreams or simply put no imagination. If you cant imagine where you want to be you may never get there. this a simple scenario. If you want to go on a vacation in France what is the first thing that you start doing?
You actually start thinking about France, about Paris, about the culture and food etc.

Life is a dream steemians live it

Tune in for part 2



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