Misunderstanding leads to Bullying :(

in #life3 years ago

One of the main reasons why we tend to disrespect, or bully someone is because of his/her different characteristics. It's not because he's funny nor weird, It's because we don't understand or we perceive something different about him.

source: https://mekamui.wordpress.com/2012/03/10/aita/

When we think about it, our differences are the main reasons why we tend to tease someone. Why do we tend to make fun out of each others differences? It is because our knowledge and understanding about one another is limited. Limited knowledge leads to misconception which can to formation of artificial knowledge or beliefs. But is it really hard to understand one another?

source: https://africa-facts.org/africa-facts/african-kids/

It is true that we have our differences. Different beliefs, culture, and characteristics, But those things doesn't mean you are higher nor lesser person than the other. We are equal and more similar than we think, we just need to learn how to understand one another. We also need to accept our differences and then we'll be able to lessen the misunderstandings and the misconceptions of people around us.

"We are made by our God"

"Equally loved and cherished"

Good Day everyone :)


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