It's Croatian Day Of The Independance

in #life3 years ago

It's the 8th of August.

And that means it's Croatian day of independance.

That's the date we were not anymore part of Yugoslavia.

We became a souvereign country.

Source: Wikipedia

We are still a young country.

But, it seems like we were doing better in Yugoslavia.

Our politicians are corrupted, and are doing everyting to worsen the situation in our country.

Millions of Croatians are spread all around the world.

And we can change that.

But, when the elections come, no one shows up and votes against them.

I'm not giving up yet.

We have to fight for real independance.

Source: Wikipedia

Our taxes are way too high.

And they are coming up with new ones every day.

Our country is an apsurd at the moment.

But, hopefully we can fight against that like we fought in the 90s.

Source: Wikipedia

We need to give chance to young people, who are open-minded.

Those that are not stuck in the war and that kind of thinking.


Congratulations on your country's Independence Day celebration.

Thank you from all the Croatians :)

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Happy Independence Day :)

Thank you very much.

It's great that we are an independant game.

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