Finally Spring Break!

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So spring break just started in Canada and I’m so happy I get a break from school

Today I went to a soccer field and practiced by my self since all events are cancelled including my team practice from the virus

I forgot to take picture of my walk to the field and during the training but I took more when I was done training


This is the view I get when I’m training on this field


Here I’m already walking home and this is a picture of a parking lot of a really nice park


I took this picture because I didn’t know what to take a picture of


This is my new water bottle that I got a few days ago because my last one broke



This is a pathway to a mini bridge I walk on



It’s a really nice day today and it’s pretty warm and sunny which is really great and exciting


This is my last picture before I got home from training

I hope you guys liked this post and have a great day


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