Soccer/Football Cleats

in #lifelast year

My new soccer season starts today which is February 24th and we have our first game on Sunday.

I got new soccer shoes for my birthday for the start of the new season

I never tried this brand of cleats before but when I tried them on at the store they were super comfortable on my feet...


They originally have blue laces on but they came with an extra pair of pink laces so I made one shoe with blue laces and the other shoe with pink laces just for style

Today will be my first practice in my new cleats and I will test them out

Thank you for reading this post. Have a great day everyone 😁


Good luck with the new season Jordan!

Those cleats look really cool!

Thank you so much @nikolina have a great day and year 👍

Good luck in this new season Jordino. Hope these new shoes will be awesome and just what you needed.

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