Real Acts of Kindness Stories - Restoring faith in humanity #1

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Acts of Kindness

Hello everyone, this is the first post of a series that I hope can inspire and bring joy to people after reading these stories. All of the stories that will be found posted by me are all from people sharing them from around the world. They are all claimed to be true and I hope they can inspire you to pass on the kindness and love! Please let me know if you enjoyed this post and want more highlights and contents surrounding this.

The Passing Doctor by Martin from Bristol

I was on holiday in Cornwall in August when, while walking in a car park with a friend, I felt really weird. I was having a cardiac arrest.I literally collapsed and died, there and then on the tarmac, age 47.

As my friend was trying to figure out what was happening, a stranger driving out of the car park stopped, having seen me lying on the ground, and asked my friend if I was OK. The stranger and his passenger got out of the car and came over to where I was lying. They immediately realised what had happened and took over.They were both consultants from Plymouth's A&E Department at Derriford Hospital. The driver happened to have the only piece of equipment that could bring me back to life - a portable defibrillator - in his car. 

After three-and-a-half minutes of being dead, he had me conscious and I was immediately airlifted to Treliske hospital. I later learnt from my consultant at Truro that he rang the hospital most days to check on my recovery. Apparently, my chances of surviving without the intervention of this stranger and his particular piece of equipment was nil.Since returning home to Bristol I tracked him down and had an, obviously emotional, chat with him by phone. It turns out he is also the chairman of a South West charity raising money to provide life-saving equipment to volunteers, hence why he had a defibrillator in his car. This incident with a stranger didn't just change my life - it gave me my life. Now I'm also hoping to "pass it down the line". 

If you have a real act of kindness or inspirational story comment below and I can highlight it!

This is the first of my acts of kindness story and if you enjoyed it please comment, upvote and resteem it so we can pass on some kindness to the steemit community!

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