Murder hits home

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For the last few years I kind of stopped watching local news, except for the rare occasion someone mentions an event that piques my interest. Today was one of those days, Mai a close friend of mine called me from NY and right away asked if I heard what happened to Jian. I answered "NO" , and he said he will send me a link to the story.

This is the link he texted me:

I was completely shocked; you hear about crime, you watch it everyday on TV, but it's never the same when you are acquainted with the people involved. Qihong is killed in a gruesome way and Jian is charged with her murder. These are not just names on TV, these are people I know, people I sat to the dinner table with.

Jiansen Liang, 33, a hard working Chinese immigrant, now indicted on charges of aggravated murder and held on a ten million dollar bond. He is facing the death penalty or life in prison.
Qihong Chen, 33, Jiangs girlfriend now a murder victim. She lost her life in the worst of ways.

" Two lives lost " , these are not the words I would usually use to describe a gruesome murder, but when you know the people involved it's not so easy to choose any other words. What I know about their story does not make it any easier, or understandable.

Since this case is still going through the court system, what I tell you next is just hearsay:

Ever since Jian came from China he worked hard to save money and improve his life, he was working at a Chinese restaurant in Cleveland's Chinatown. Jian saved about $200,000 before meeting Qih. When they met he fell in love and wanted to marry her. For two years he did not spare anything to make her happy, she got whatever she asked for. His spending was way over his income and his life savings dwindled down to nothing. When he no longer could afford to shower her with gifts she rejected him. She met another man and was planning a move to another state. What happened next is what you read in the newspapers articles. Is it a crime of passion? the courts will decide.

The story reads like fiction, Jian walking into a police station with blood all over him and confessing to the most gruesome murder of his girlfriend. Jian plead not guilty in court to the charge of aggravated murder. In his court appearance he seemed spaced out as if he was no longer in this world. It's so sad to see young lives wasted in this fashion.


Greed destroys

Obviously it is a very bad news ... But no doubt the rumors make that she is seen as "the bad one", like that she deserved the death ... Assuming that she just had taken advantage of him, and his money, He allowed it.
It is not a valid or reasonable "excuse" ... MURDER is still a crime, I THINK NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO KILL NOBODY (unless life itself is in extreme danger). AND NOT "DEFENDING" VICTIM because she WAS A WOMAN LIKE ME ... I would have said exactly the same, if the victim had been the man...

I also understand the shock that represents a news like this, and even more when it is a person close or known ... a couple of years ago, a friend of mine, also killed his ex girlfriend because she was going to marry another person ... Now he is in prison ... IS VERY SAD, but each one must assume the consequences and responsibilities of their actions.

Greetings from Venezuela!

indeed I agree with you hada...there are consequences to such actions and when murder is a choice, as it always is, one should understand what could happen. It always ends in a bitter way and is just not worth it.

I think Jian was right all through till the point he had to murder her.
I couldn't just help but imagine what he would be going through right now.
Blazing hell!
He must have thought of her as redemption... He must have thought of a limited eternity with her. But he must have been blinded by love, if not he could have seen the red light a while ago.
He must have felt, killing her would justify his pain ND the fact that he was cheated by her (not love)
But moving on and learning from his mistakes could have been a great way.

To make matters worse, they both are people you know. I can't relate to the pain.

Wasted lives indeed

These are type of things you never think happen to you or your circle of people...until they do.

thanks for the information. what your news is useful for us all ..

Sad story. Sorry you lost two acquaintances in such a terrible way.

sad story man :((

How terrible ! Were you good friends of thiers !? Or just casual acquaintances !? He seems to be smiling in the video when he walks in , doesn't seem spaced out to me . This is very sad day indeed ! I truly feel for her family ...💕💕💕😢😢😢

Oh my gosh Joseph! That must be awful for you; I'm so sorry . . It is indeed surreal when things like murder touch your life, as you say, these are things that usually happen on the news to other people.

Unfortunately I too knew a murder victim; a beautiful girl I went to school with, went to India and met some lowlife who ended up stalking and finally murdering her at the tender age of 17.

My wife's brother was also murdered (before I knew her) when he was at Leeds university, he was just 20.

It breaks my heart when I think about the families of murder victims, the pain they feel and the trauma they go through.

I hope that some peace will come to you Joseph; once more, I am so sorry for your loss.



I always visit your blog because you inspires me. Do what you do. Thank you very much for sharing inspiring content.

You obviously didn't read what he wrote. smh

I stopped watching tv since 1998. Television is just like watching a washing machine filled with dirty washing. Television just fills peoples heads with dirt!

I often feel ignorant but I stopped following the news myself, it's hard to discern what is real and to what degree it is true. So much rubbish and negativity.

The world of television just opens up to many rabbit holes for so many people.

I too stopped watching tv.

I think tv will eventually turn people to madness!

Its just full of clickbait, opinion articles and buzz words all in order to get reactions, which in turn lead to traffic --> money from advertisements. It's honestly a disgrace and I feel as though the majority of this trash started up when 24hr news channels were created. I mean the had to fill up the time with something.

Indeed they just play with emotions, like a lead guitarist does hitting the riff hooks in his notes on his electric guitar, to play with the fans emotions who are there watching a band play.

hmm, shity messy. Good paid with good ,evil paid with evil.

this is so tragic. so many humans, but no humanity.

I agree. There is no more human values in this world.

I am sad to read it.

I really sympathize with you, I'm very sorry for the young man, why he met her on his way.

This world of ours is messed up.

Are you stupid? He just listened to the news that his friend get killed!!! FUCK! That's so freaking gruesome. I'm so sick of this world.

Some people just don't read and make comments on post...

Urgh and he appeared to be top of the list. Damn what a freaking pain to the eye with such comments. Sorry I do get emotional when such things happen even to someone else.

The lazy and stupid Steemian. Just looking for attention without knowing the contents of the post.

how sad this news. condolence to the family.

amazing it is really rare in our life when i find a close friend and sped the time with us it is really wonderful #joseph

follow me steemians.........

Horrible and heartbreaking.

Violence Everywhere :(

it is very pathetic, mostly when our closed friends are involved, it really need courage to survive the tremor.
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there are many subjects in earth ,man can not judge

Oh world,i know i can't match your feelings but you made me feel very sad.
there are humans but not humanity at all...

Terrible news @joseph so sorry for such a news... Can't judge either of them but sometimes...jelousy and rage can cause a nice sane person to loose his mind... What a loss... And a lesson... Never spend all you have in whomever you not sure of...the world is truly an unfair place...

It's awful to read this about people with whom you are familiar. And it's awful to understand that 2 young lives are rampant ... Both are sorry. It would be better if they parted and lived on.

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Money is still the root of all evil.

The entire story is crazy. He did everything for her and then she left him for someone else. I can see the frustration in all that. But to kill the person, well, that never gets you anywhere. People are not always what you think.

Sad to see how we as humans don't even know how to deal with our own life.
Very very sad

He could have been so angry and lost which drive him to kill the woman in that way. I would like to think that Jian is also a victim.

yeah its so sad to see a lives wasted :(

So sad for you. I am sure you are very shaken.

Wow @joseph, hard to know what to say... kinda makes you stop and think. Mostly makes me feel sad, for a number of reasons, and I find myself wondering (for the nth time) about what any one of our "breaking points" are. Whatever it is, taking someone's life for whatever "transgressions" we may feel have happened is just wrong, regardless of whether she may-- or may not-- have been a "double-crossing princess" or not at all.

And sorry you find yourself sitting with this... people you knew personally... that can't be easy.

Very tragic. Sorry Joseph.

hearing this kind of tragedy make me really sad :(
I wonder
just how low can humanity sink?

Greed destroys

@joseph Thats a sad story my friend but awakening to all of us we need God to satisfy us. Prayer3x

Sad. Murder is wrong. But the anger, pain, sense of rejection from someone you you think you love created when she that person leaves is honestly imaginable, especially when you find out that you were used all along.

Should have taken as a sign from the beginning that if he had to spend more that he could afford to, to win and keep her interest, she wasn't worthy of him from the beginning

So sad. Too many "wants" cause too many problems for everyone.

the problem is that capitalism rewards greed, events like this are common around the world

Que tristeza escuchar cada vez mas historias como esta, parece que el mundo esta lleno de maldad, rencor, venganza, no hay valores, sentimientos, los niños no están creciendo en una sociedad respetuosa con valores, principios, sino mas bien todo lo contrarios, por ello suceden estas cosas. yo creo que deberíamos poner un poco de conciencia de nuestra parte y promover cambios, empezando por recalcar los valores que se han perdido y decir no a la violencia en las sociedades.

Wow this must be so surreal for you.
We are all so desensitized these days and seeing a story Iike this on TV is just another typical day. Its nice to reconnect with the idea that it's not just a reporter taking about fiction, it's actually 2 people who have suffered through this whole ordeal. In addition all the people in their lives who this will affect, from acquaintances to friends to family.
I will thank you for taking the time to write this and I would like to offer you my condolences through this difficult time.

How do people even cope seeing blood? Good God, i hate anything Red.

How interesting! Thank you for sharing this information! It;s always interesting to see what is going on around the world

i don't really know what to say now...This is what we face everyday, you get to work so hard for some woman, you go through pains just to make them happy. But the very moment you can't provide those things at a moment they walk away, but that's not enough to commit murder...pity for him

thanks for this post

This is a sad story and like you said you lost both friends. I don't understand how people can kill and never will, and that is why I try not to watch news or any tv or read the newspaper because it always makes me sad.

It's horrible as is but when it hits this close to home....

@joseph, that love can drive a man or woman crazy.

I don't know which is the right decision to make. Kill her or Spare her.

But still, After reading the full post, I think even I might have done something similar. :p

I hate these type of girls. Hate them with my whole heart.

There is no justification to taking a life no matter what it is. Nobody really knows what was happening between them. It's all hearsay.

crime is not just happening because there are intentions of the culprit, but also have a chance. beware.

What justification for giving life? Balance yin/yang...No thing as good or bad, only action & consequences.
Life is "subjective" ! Really...No such thing as can only transfer, this is all an illusion:) You're the creator!!!

It'll probably be wrong for me to judge people without the actual proof.
But it's like while you have value, you will be cared for.
Lose your value and bad things will befall.

I avoided using the "word" kill because I am not the one to decide who lives or dies. By something similar, I meant I will not let her live like she wants.

Lol. I can't do anything to her. She is already dead.

That is just heartbreaking. I won't give my thoughts on the matter and it doesn't matter. So sorry this had to happen.

this is a very touching story it should be a lesson to all of us, they may say it's the African mentality but why spend all your money on showering gifts on a woman when you worked so hard to save if she loves you then she will understand why you're not a spend thrift. that is not to say you should become stingy. just do only that which is necessary. i hope he doesn't get the needle though

Sadly, most violent crime occurs between people who know each other. The incident you posted about is still a tragedy. A lot of lessons can be learned from it though.

That just sucks, its unfortunate he did not have a friend to talk with before making this decision.

sending healing energy to the families

This is really tragic!!

I can't imagine how you must feel....

Wow :o... thanks for sharing

This is horrible. I read about these things on news outlets but seeing this side of things definitely puts everything into perspective. I hope something good happens out of this.

totally liked it

Such a sad story...

The killing was in no way justified, but it just goes to show if she had been more modest and not scammed this guy out of 200,000 then she would still probably be here.

nice story

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That's sad!

Sad indeed. Based n the hearsay, let's take a positive message from this story. People are not to be used. There are also three sides to a story, my side, your side and the untold side. Let the court do it's job.

Its time to have close look at your friends circle.

great destroys

Talk about close to home..right in my neck of the woods Cleveland!

It looks to me he will plead insanity...
we all need to learn to be detached. Let nothing in this world hold you prisoner, not even your loved ones.
Thank you for sharing this tragic post of your friends.

These are not just names on TV, these are people I know, people I sat to the dinner table with.

I'm so sorry you had to witness this situation unfold.

What I know about their story does not make it any easier, or understandable.

I realize you still must be in shock over this happening. My heart goes out to you. This is very tragic.


shocking news Joseph...especially when you had shared friendship with both of them. This type of news hits home hard sometimes and your post makes me aware and grateful of what I already have and how precious life actually is. It only takes one crazy snap to mess the whole show up. Hope you gonna find a way to deal with this. I believe you have the support of many.

No no no, cant imagine what is going through is my right now. :)

Nice write up.. I will stop by again.

i keep telling my friends the great line from the movie "The Italian Job" - "i trust you but i don't trust the devil inside you". every person has a devil inside and it will come out very badly even if you know a person is very good!!!


A lot of comments had been made but it drives me crazy when females will drive a guy to the extreme just to get what they want. I have read of several cases where a guy will go over his limit just to make his gf happy and at the end the girl will tear him bad. If I had the guts I would have killed my ex gf, but I am too meek to kill. I wish have the guts, I hate her so much right now.
She got what she deserve, I don't pity her.
But still whatever we do, we must face the consequences

I am by no means justifying what he did, but if you just put yourself in his shoes I can see why his life would have come crumbling down. If I saved up that much money and spent it all on a girl I thought loved me and then once I ran out decided to leave me, I’d be shattered. Firstly because I thought she loved me and secondly because now I’m broke. I feel for him because I know what it’s like to be heart broken by someone you think you love, but that’s why you can’t just flaunt your money when it comes to finding a partner. Money comes and goes but they should be there for you through the good and the bad. If it was me and I went through that, well I say I’d expose her and what but that would be in the heat of the moment. What would you all do if this happened to you? Just some thoughts.

What a terrible and sad story:-(

jealousy is another factor that can destroy

This is sad to read. And none of the readers of this post can possibly imagine the pain you must be in, as you knew both of them.

Regardless of everything in this world, everything that you go through in your lifetime, whatever way your world falls apart - murder can't ever be justified under any circumstances. True existence of love can never force anyone to commit such a gruesome crime. Love has no room for hatred, revenge or pain. And even if you take the emotional aspect out of this equation, still I strongly believe that no form of revenge, redemption or resentment allows anyone to murder another person. Period!

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

I try not to watch the news these days. Everything is doom and gloom. If not people being murdered, it’s nations threatening each other. A sad state this world is in right now.

Well done, a nice post

Greed is a curse

Gerçekten yaşanmasını istemediğimiz olaylar serisi.

A sad story indeed, if in fact it is true. A crime of passion can also be deemed a symptom of temporary insanity. It's hard to know what transpired in this young man's mind after he was rejected.

Tragic story all too common now...

Sometimes we read the news in the newspaper or we find out about the TV and some we are shocked by how violent they are and maybe we think: "the world is crazy" but when that news involves people with whom we have interacted something inside us breaks and pain overwhelms us, there are feelings found in our soul because as you say are 2 lives that are lost, one is no longer physically and the other although apparently alive, has lost the real meaning of life. It's sad, very sad

Tragic incident. Humanity is dying

hopefully given the fortitude.......

A good thing to constantly remind the world of the never ending stream of injustices against the innocent.. Nice work joseph