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RE: Immortalising My Grandmother On The Blockchain - RIP Yvonne Kleinig 1933 - 2017

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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss krystle, this is a beautiful record of her life. So much of this resonates with me, when my grandmother on my mothers side passed away i was so shocked when I received the phone call, like the words didn't even compute for a moment.

My other grandmother who is still alive has been suffering from really bad dementia for years now, i live quite a distance away so I don't get to visit her often, a few years ago it took her a while to recognize me and last time i went back i thought for sure she wouldn't based on what my family were telling me and I was kind of terrified. But when she saw me she grabbed my face and looked me in the eyes and said, oh, it looks like her! and she lit up. It sounds like she knew you guys were there too so it's nice that you got to have that last moment with her. <3


Thank you so much I was trying to give our family something, that will see her live on forever and in a way she now will on the blockchain.

She had issues remembering a lot of us, but I guess one beautiful thing with my pop and her relationship starting so long ago when they were both so young - meant she could still remember my pop (at least on the phone, if not as readily in person) until the very end, they really spent almost their entire lives together.

That moment with your own Grandmother feels just as powerful, it's amazing that they can have slipped so far back in time - but given the right stimulation they can appear back in the present, if only for a short time it's still beautiful and an amazingly powerful moment (I'm so glad you got to have that moment together).

That last moment on Christmas day will stay with me forever, just thinking about it gets me all emotional - but it was amazing to think this was her last effort to say goodbye to us all, especially my Mother.

Thank you for the lovely comment <3