Earth from past. present and future

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This is ironic and nothing but the truth. As we have seen how the technologies and human innovation have come this far. The human work becomes easier and how things can be done a lot faster than before, but there's always a consequences. In exchange to this advance technologies is our nature's wrath. Many people tends to become more irresponsible and just kept focusing on making a profit without considering the condition of our planet earth. I'm not going to be surprise if one day, the entire atmosphere becomes toxic, while the artificial air are expensively sold out of the market. The fall of mankind is nearly approaching. As the bible says, that we are all came from the dust and will get back into dust. Wake up! and do your part to save our planet, until its too late. If no one will do it? Then who? When?


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I don't hope so !

It's in our power to change the world .. ♥