Let Criticism Strengthen You, Not Break You

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I remember being talked down at when posted to a broadcasting station during my National Youth Service.
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I was an Accountant, but then, I was posted to a Broadcasting Station for my one Year Youth Service.

It was ridiculous.

But I wasn't bothered.

I knew nothing was impossible.

A woman walked up to me and said, "How do you expect to succeed here when you have no background in the Media industry? You better go and tell them to take you to a Financial Corporation. You think it's calculation we do here?"

She mocked and laughed hard while others followed suit.

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All other corps members posted there were either Mass Communication or English graduates.

So I was somewhat odd.
They all laughed me scorn but I kept a straight face.

I took the criticism as a challenge and instead of feeling bad or worthless, I worked on myself.

I'll stay up each night (I'm more effective at nights) writing scripts, listening to radio shows and looking for ways I could improve.

Fast forward to when we had completed our compulsory one year in service, I emerged the best serving Corp member for the year.

What if I had let their criticism get to me?

What if I had listened to those who said I couldn't do it?

In life, you'll always be faced with criticisms.
It is up to you to give in OR stay strong.

Just like Aristotle said

There is only one way to avoid criticism: Do Nothing, Say Nothing and Be Nothing.

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Let their criticism be a challenge for you to rise up.

Most times, we even need these criticisms to buckle up on our dreams.

Perhaps, if I hadn't been laughed at, I wouldn't stay up late trying to be better to prove them wrong.

Don't let their mockery weigh you down, let it make you instead.

Criticism makes you stronger.


My name is Juliet Israel and I am a fighter



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Criticism has a way of breaking us down. All we have to do is take the positives out and throw the rest in the trash can.

We must learn to drive what we hear especially those coming from critics in order not to loose focus

That's why I said we should let not let it break us

Thanks for stopping by

I concur with you...I have also been criticised many times and allowed the shit to pass through me...

indeed what doesn't kills you makes you stronger and I agree with your quote to avoid criticism

Do nothing, say nothing and be nothing

Thanks for this hint.✌️✌️

That was brave of you @julietisrael. Critics themselves are no better off

There is only one way to avoid criticism: Do Nothing, Say Nothing and Be Nothing.

Am not sure I've heard that word before, thanks to you. Criticism also make us grow. I've learnt in farming too that the strongest storm makes the best tree 🌲.

Wow, this has happened to me times without number but at the end I always overcome and sometimes win, thanks for the eye opener