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There is nothing sweeter nor heart warming than walking into the lounge and seeing this. The love between your fur child and your birthed child. Simply beautiful. Captured moments like these just remind me of the happiness. Happiness, understanding and love. Snuggly love for sure. Just goes to show that barriers are created by ourselves and don't exist naturally.

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Oh this is gorgeous!! I love it when animals are made to be part of the family (as it should be). I always call my doggie my boys' sister :P

Thank you @wildwanderer. Yip they definitely are part of the family.

Sweet Kata, she really has a connection with the fur babies :)

Thank you @lizelle. She really does.

We are SO proud to have you as a member of our
FANTABULOUS @steemitbloggers family!
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❤ MWAH!!! ❤

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Thank you very much. One awesome and fantastic family to be part of 😘

I just saw the picture, even though it was poor in words for your language. but it doesn't matter because there is a Google translation here. hehehe ...

I feel like you feel.

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