Recycling Myself Every Spring 🌻

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“Spring is a time to find out where you are, who you are, and move toward where you are going.”- Penelope Trunk

Spring is finally creeping in here by us. FINALLY! It’s my favorite season. I just love how everything comes alive again. The sun starts rising earlier in the morning, the birds come back and everywhere you look you see how the plants are coming alive again. Almost like they’re waking up from their peaceful cold slumber. There’s an excitement in the air and this need to get things done sets in. With my own life I’ve always noticed how events, decisions, journeys and ideas seem to follow the seasons.

In my life new cycles begin in the Spring. Both my children were born in the Spring. Every major decision I have ever made was made in the Spring. Each new journey was started in Spring. This realisation fascinated me.

It came about as I realized where I find myself sitting today, a year later. I love to reflect on my life. I find it helps me to appreciate the lessons better. It helps me to grow as a person and understand myself better. If I think back to a year ago I can’t believe how far I have come.

A year ago I was a mess. I was in such a bad place emotionally and physically. I was broken and I knew that I had to do something about it. I knew that somehow I had to find a way to put myself back together again. So I did.

At the time I thought I was running. That I was too scared to face everything. The truth? I wouldn’t have been able to sort any of it out anyway. I was too weak. I had no idea who I was and I believed that because I had failed that I deserved to feel that way!

The only thing that I knew for certain was that I had to sort through all of it and rediscover myself. I started identifying everything in my life that I believed was making me sick. Every habit, behaviour, relationship, hurt, belief and fear, I worked through systematically. It’s almost like I made myself a blank canvas and started adding piece by piece to it as I went along. I’m still busy working through some of it, but hey, all great works of art take time, right?

What I really found fascinating is how it’s almost like I’ve come full circle. I started at a point of, “I don’t want anything to do with this or anything that reminds me of it anymore,” to a point where I am now back where I started. Not mentally or emotionally but physically. That sounds confusing. I’m sorry I’m trying to figure out a way to describe it better.

Last year one of the main driving forces that pushed me to make the decision I made was that I didn’t feel that I wanted to be in the career that I was in anymore. I wanted a different career. I was adamant that it was not what I was destined to be for the rest of my life. Now? I want my career back. WTF! I know, it’s weird how things work out sometimes.

You see, the problem was never the career, the company or the people. They had some part to play for sure. The problem was me. I didn’t allow myself to be who I am in that environment. There were many different reasons for this but that was the hard truth that I had to accept. I did fail. I failed myself as I started changing myself to fit into the mould that I believed they wanted me to fit into. See that? I let myself down. I stifled myself and in the process became incapable. There were a lot of other emotional things happening in my life at the time as well. These, of course, didn’t help the matter either. Gratefully I have managed to work through most of these as well.

So as my new Spring cycle begins I am filled with excitement. Not sure where this one is going to go yet. At the moment I’m just thankful for the last year. I’m thankful for how much I have grown and learnt about myself. It feels good to feel like I have accomplished what I set out to do a year ago. Maybe not in the way I envisioned it…but hey, I know who I am now 😄

Coffee, my favorite. Taken by @therneau.

Thank you for reading and remember to keep smiling 😄
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Beautiful! I too am obscessed with spring! I’m glad for you that it has brought a sense of rebirth! Good luck in your career path - I’m sure that because you are aligned with your true self now that everything will work out better in all facets of your life! <3

Thank you very much @wildwanderer. I'm excited to see how it goes now :) Spring truly is a magical time of the year.

Thank you very much @wildwanderer. I'm excited to see how it goes now :) Spring truly is a magical time of the year.

Great read! Here's to Spring and a great one too I hope! Best wishes :)

Thank you very much @letsgetquirky. Cheers to that :)

Nice post, keep on smiling.

Thank you very much @rynow and I will do so.

Always a good thing to face yourself in the hard and honest truth with no "buts, if only's and why's"! I believe in cycles and circles and if the self is not faced, the fears and life's perceived ills will continue to come around albeit in different forms to badger us. We can indeed do something about it! Like your spring cleaning idea and as long as the self is conquered in honesty, the dark clouds will drift away! All of the best with your exciting efforts Lady @jusipassetti

Thank you very much @papilloncharity. It can be a difficult and challenging path but the gains are so worth the effort in the end.

I just love a good motivation read before I sleep!

Thank you very much @roselifecoach 💗

It's always a long and difficult journey to find one-self. So glad you manage to do that!

Thank you very much @joelai. I'm very happy about it too :)

What an inspiring post @jusipassetti, so very happy that you have come full circle but are now in a much happier space! It's hard work for sure but so very worth it, so just keep on pushing and most of all keep on smiling :)

Thank you very much @lizelle and I will do so :)

Seasonal stop off point, reflect back and move forward, lovely time of the year to start emotionally unpacking last year, planning the new year ahead @jusipassetti

A very important thing to do @joanstewart. I can't wait for the warmer days. I always love this time of year in the cape :)

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Thank you very much :)

What a journey! Funny, I am reflecting on things at the moment, but it's kind-of all just stewing as I'm chasing my tail and not getting much time out. It's a matter of getting through this busy patch - which is not all bad - and then just slowing down. It will happen. And good on you for all the hard work, @jusipassetti!

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