It snowed in the mountains of WNC and our snowdogs had a great time!

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It doesn't snow all that much here, but when it does, we get a lot for our region! I live on a ridge line at a higher elevation so we usually receive about double the amount of what they do down in the city. For this first snow of the year, overnight we received nearly a foot of snow and woke up to a beatiful winter wonderland!

dogs racing up the street

snow off the proch

snow off the porch2

Our road makes for an excellent ski slope during these times and the only downfall is that there isn't a ski lift. There are literally people snowboarding and skiing down the street when we get this much. I don't own skiis or a board but if I did, I'd be all over it too! I did however take the opportunity to ride a sled down the street.


We're not the only ones who enjoy the snow on occasion, our Alaskan Malamute's go crazy when it's white outside! They love the snow so much, this is what they definitely live for!

dogs racing up the street

Venus is knee deep in it!

venus in snowy yard

both dogs

It's hard to get them to even come inside, they just want to stay out there all day.

laying down in the snow

laying down in the snow2

The only downside of the snow is making it out of the neighborhood - it's so steep that often it's days before we can safely travel again. Well, it's probably time for me to get back to work. I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday as beautiful as ours is!


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great shots. love snow and your dogs sure do too. Wish i'd seen this sooner.

nice post man