The Worst Fire Making Method On Earth...

in #life3 years ago

Although primitive fire making systems, such as the bow and drill, will get a fire going...they are some of the worst methods to master.

I consider myself a prepper...but not much of a primitive prepper...sure, I can build a shelter from stuff on the forest floor that most of you wouldn't even think of using...but when it comes to life saving skills such as making fire...I prefer to use modern permitting.

They are less strenuous and stressful and they get the fire going faster...which in my opinion is instrumental to survival in a shitty situation.

I seldom, if ever, recommend learning primitive fire making methods simply because I believe that embodies going on adventure unprepared.

Listen, here's the deal...if you can't get a fire going with a lighter, matches, or with mag rods and strikers...there's a damn good chance you can't even build a proper bow and drill set, let alone use it!