So this day is going to be miserable

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After having started smoking again after being stupid enough to have couple of beers with a buddy I learned a thing that kind of scared me.

My health and lungs feels much better when vaping, but my nicotine addiction had gone completely out of control since it's so easy to vape anywhere, so when I fell off the wagon I smoked twice as much as I used to while still vaping inbetween.

Now I have decided to kick the nicotine habit once and for all, hopefully it sticks this time.
This day has already been plain misery, I used about 4 hours to get out of bed since I had nothing to have with my coffee.
Luckily it calms down after three days, but those three days are complete misery.

Atleast I have my babies to keep me company <3


Also a fair warning if this sticks it's kind of a huge possibility that my posting will be a lot more gym related, since I'm horrible at sitting still without a cigarette in my hand, so might be posting some exercise tips in the near future, we will see.

Might also actually end up with me being able to play the guitar well enough to dare posting videos, though I highly doubt it will be this week.

Not really sure how it will go as of yet, but I have a feeling that I the next three days either won't post anything here or I'll post like crazy, but we'll see.

Thank you for your time :)


Good luck 🙅

Thank you :) I will surely need it XD