Mika in her Thunder Jacket part 2.

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I wrote a post a few days ago about my dog Mika anxiety, we bought her a thunder jacket. Here's the link if you would like to check it out.


We have used it for a couple of days now. We have had good times and bad times. We have found.

Make sure you have the jacket on way before the fireworks go off.
Keep checking how tight it is.
Calm your pup down, stroke and talk to them.

I find the jacket does help but it does not solve the problem. We found on the first night we had to play around with the jacket Until we got it to the right position. Once she is settled it does seem to help her stay settled.

Mika has lay quite for a while now, we take her jacket off for bedtime just incase it gets to tight. She seems to sleep better when she has been wearing it. Tomorrow night is going to be the night.


Thank you son-of-satire

Thank you @artedellavita


Oh! I have had a couple dogs that caused me to hate fireworks, too. Not to mention how disrespectful they are to veterans who suffer from combat anxiety. Poor Mika..

They are horrible, they cause so much distress, she gets really upset.

Is the thunder jacket working? Let me know please.

Hi, I did an update in the post :)

Thank you I am going to check it out!

Let us know how it goes!

I am dreading tomorrow night with my 5 pooches. It has been bad enough tonight! We have had to put music on really loud to drown out the noise as Bella was about having a heart attack, bless her. I am taking my son and his friends to a fireworks display but my husband will be staying home with our dogs. Good luck for tomorrow hun!

Bless them, there going to need lots of loves to calm them down, its a horrible time for them. Hope your hubby copes.

I hope so too. To be fair, it is only 1 of them that it bothers, the rest don't bat an eyelid

Yeah Its just Mika here but when she starts barking Geordie joins in.

It looks a little bit like an old corset that Ladies wore, it had to be put on long before any action started, it took an age to cinch up and get into the right place, and if anything happened they were to stiff to enjoy it.
Only a couple of days to go. Sunday for the main action, and monday for those who are a bit slow

I hope it pees down and ruins there night, my baby doesn't like them and she looks cute in her jacket lol :)

Yes, I remember Mika from a previous post. Hope she will do better now!
Touch wood.

Thank you :)

I've never seen dog jacket like this!

There just new :)

wouldn't that have been something if it solved the problem entirely

Would be a miracle, I would wear one myself :)