Benefits of waking up at 5 AM. #week 1

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It has been 7 days since i started this routine. I was watching many videos, and read a lot of books on how to shift my life, how to change myself from the very basic and i have discovered that in order to change myself, i need to change my smallest, everyday habits.


Are you just a regular person like me? Are you having trouble focusing yourself and making your day productive?

Here are 3 things i have noticed after just 1 week of trying this habit:

  • Not being tired of oversleep.

In case you are wondering, yes oversleep is a real thing. Studies have shown that oversleep is associated with clinical depression, lack of production, heart diseases, diabetes and many other conditions.
I find ideal sleep time for me to be about 7 hours per day, it's just enough time to get rested and start my day with optimism and a smile. I noticed i have far more productivity at work and i have taken an initiative of doing some advanced additional jobs.

  • Having extra time to plan my day.

It is simply wonderful how by taking first hour of your time only for yourself, your thoughts, your plans, makes you feel so optimistic about life. Getting that cup of tea or coffee in the morning when everything is quiet and everyone is asleep, without a TV and the nonsense mainstream media is feeding us every single day.
You should play your favorite relaxing music in the background and be with your thoughts, or do any other things you enjoy.

  • Being ahead of everyone else


While everybody else is rushing through their morning routine, and you listen to them complaining how tired and unprepared they are, how they need a long vacation, or they will quit the job, it is then that you notice that you are so ahead of your competition. It gives you a sense of satisfaction, it inspires you to be productive, to learn, to improve every day in every single aspect of your life.

I am amazed how this changed my life only after 1 week and i will keep you updated with my progress every single week.

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Lately, I've been struggling on waking up early. I usually wake up at 8am in the morning (a kind of oversleeping). Now, I am encouraged to wake up at 5am and see the difference myself. Thanks for sharing @kargath. This info is a big help for me.

I'm glad i can help Rose, stay tuned for my update, and thanks for feedback :)

Yeah I've been getting up at 5 AM and many times earlier for a while now, and won't be changing anytime soon.

It allows you to get so much more done while many others are usually sleeping, which means less distractions too.

Exactly, i see you have some interesting posts, and you are new to Steemit as i am, will follow you.
Thanks for feedback.

Ohh I suuperenvy you being able to do this..Im waking up at 6am and I feel that an extra hour would make a world of a difference. But yeah, my jiu jitsu practice finishes at 10pm and then I need to wash my Gi cuz it would catch a stink if I'd do it next day...+ eat, shower etc I can't go to be earlies amd therefore I wouldn't get my 6hours of sleep ..

But good for you, waking up early really is cool, it feels weird/almost mystical....that everyone is still asleep, everythin is kind of frozen-like...and you're already doing something in your room while drinking some hot baverage...