Stormy days

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The ongoing storm "Frank"

Strong eastern wind, pretty unusual can't remember so mush wind from east earlier. The same with the snow situation, no snow so far, strange??? Some pictures from under the new bridge Hologalandsbrua, The bridge is closed foe public access . With temperature at 10 minus degree C Wass really freezing cold to take the pictures. The storm has last for some days now, better days are in front, cold yes, but not so windy.

The bridge and wives outwears the fjord.


View inwards the fjord.






A stormy day in the north.



Wow, your photography is very beautiful, the bridge is very good. can you if you visit my post

Thank's @masril for commenting.

I can imagine, we also have such problems with our bridge between our county and Edinburgh. The bridge was shut for couple of hours especially early morning, many employees were 2,5 hours those who come from Edinburgh. Even if the temperature is not too low but wind is horrible :)

By the way Jan, instead of using tag #worldofxpilar. You can go to this trending page and join community, then you can post from this page, then your first tag will be automatically our pag. We can see you, otherwise we can't see your post.

Thank's @stef1 for comment and good advice.

Beautiful bridge with wonderful sea view! The waves and the stones are amazing. Great capture! ;)

Thank's @tangmo for pleasant comment.

My pleasure! ;)

Wow! Great photos, Jan! I love to watch such events from the shore :-)

Thank's @singa for nice comment.

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And Wass really freezing cold to do this post :-)

it's a very dangerous storm, it's the same here, the last few days the storm is very strong.
greetings @karja