LockDown: Let's be creative & earn crypto while we stay safe. [Ideas for Content Creation on the blockchain]

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Many European Countries are already under a partial lockdown status due to the rise of COVID19 cases. In Greece the lockdown starts tomorrow, November 6th 2020 and it will (probably) continue for 3 weeks. Most of the people I discussed with are talking 2021 already, but I prefer to be optimistic for now.

Content creation ideas that will earn you more than one cryptocurrency

This time when are are quarantined might be difficult for some people. Isolation can be challenging, so I thought to come up with some ideas about posts that can earn you more than the currency of the platform you blog on (i.e. hive, steem etc)

How about actually doing something .. for real?

Writing about a subject can be easy, after you get the hang of it.
But action requires more. It requires that you get of your couch, take a walk and actually do something that could really be a small piece of something bigger. Our planet.



CleanPlanet is an initiative where users can share their video of cleaning the planet and be rewarded. Feel free to check out their website at cleanplanet.io and also you can check them at @cleanplanet
According to a recent announcement, since November 1st - the users who post #cleanplanet posts can also be rewarded in SEEDS
More information here

FROM 1st of November 2020, if you show me an Eco-citizen action, I can send you on your Seeds Wallet ---> 500 Seeds
500 seeds = 7 $

I have not had the time to read more about SEEDS, but feel free to check out their website here

Let's recap, shall we?

Let's post our actions about the environment and lets be rewarded - this way we can incentivize even more people to join - not to mention that we will help the planet - simple & easy!
Today I had a discussion with Yann (@yann0975) and he advised this >>
  • yann0975 (CLEAN PLANET)Today at 3:23 PM

We reward with 6 crypto-currencies.

  • HIVE (Hive social network)
  • PLANET (Hive social network)
  • STEEM (Steem social network)
  • CLEAN TOKEN (Steem social network)
  • DTUBE Coin (d.tube social video platform)
    They earn where they logged
    If you publish from Dtube... feel free to mention @cleanplanet to be seen

So feel free to post in all those platforms and feel free to reach out to @cleanplanet if you have any questions!

This is my contribution of today!

Some of my images of objects that I have gathered and thrown away

A bootPlasticMore PlasticJust Nature ..

Let's make this world a better place


Let me know what you think, would you participate? Would you donate? Do you have any questions?

Thank you for visiting!

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