Steemit Bought Me A Car! Holy Cow! Thank You So Much!

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Steemit is so truly life changing! You guys have done so much for me! And I am so grateful. This is the best community ever!

Steemit got me a car!


I've wanted to get a car! But I haven't been able to afford one! I considered a car, More of something I "wanted" But not necessarily NEEDED.
But lately, I've wanted one more than ever so I can go hiking easier (Taking a bus and walking up into a canyon for a hike is time-consuming and hard)
I also hated lugging home my groceries in a backpack.
I also have seen so many bike trails and parks. The entire area around my house is getting old. I'd love to take my bicycle out further using a car and bike in new areas.

I'm also stubborn

I refused to get a crummy car that wouldn't last long Because I'm very spontaneous and impulsive. With my bicycle, I had random days where I would bike 60 miles in one day out of nowhere, And these bike rides happened often. I knew If I had a car that would die soon, I would still end up "trying" to go for a road trip. Which I would probably end up stranded somewhere.

Also to be even more "Impossible" I refused to take out a loan for a car. I wanted to pay cash.
I hate debt, And being in debt scares me. It makes me feel powerless over my own life, So that's something I avoid whenever I get a chance.

Steemit made that possible!

After saving, And writing a ton on here! I was able to get a car using some of the funds I've earned on Steemit!!

I picked a Honda Civic because they are known to be great cars that last a long time! This beauty has under 30,000 miles on it. And I consider it practically new. Heck, I even got that new car smell!
My secret: I sprayed the seats with Lysol!
Hahaha! It kinda bothered me that random people I didn't' know were probably test driving my car and such. So I wanted to make it really clean.

Even though I'm a sucker for the little cars like Mini coopers and Beetles And the Fiat cars. I read a ton of reviews, They can be more costly to fix, and sometimes need more repairs.
So I focused on getting a honda.

At first I thought the car looked a bit silly, But it's grown on me! I love how it's rounded. It looks cute. At first, I didn't' like the silver color, And now I'm in awe by how shiny and pretty it looks.

It Even has this pretty digital set up! Its so cool!


I'm So Grateful For My friends That helped me!

I have hardly any driving experience, So getting to a dealership to test drive a car, And bringing the car home is difficult, if not impossible.
Luckily my friend helped me by giving me a ride to the dealership, He even sat down with me to talk about the car, And helped me drill the guy with questions. ( I couldn't' think of any)
He even helped me drive the car home after @treeshaface And @woundedknee came with to the dealership to drop us off to bring the car home.

To be honest, I never really expect to get help when I ask for it. I don't ask very often Because I'm pretty independent. But I always get scared that everyone will say no, and I will be stuck trying to figure it out by myself.
So I'm really glad I got that help!

Whats next?

Well, I haven't driven since I've been 16. Even then, I didn't drive much. Pretty much whatever I could do in drivers ed, That was all The practice I got. Which wasn't much.
So for now, I have to practice a lot, And once I get good enough I plan to:

  • OCEAN!
    It might take LOTS Of practice, But once I get the hang of it. I WANT TO GO TO THE OCEAN!
    I want to go swimming! I've really missed the ocean! I haven't seen it since January.

  • Go Hiking, And take more photos for Steemit!
    I want to hike a crazy amount of trails. I can EVEN PUT A COOLER in my car with food! OMG! That sounds so much better than having to go without and sit on the bus for hours to get to and from hiking. I used to get so hungry and lightheaded on the way home haha.

  • Get A Bike Rack! Try new Bike trails!
    I want to still use my bicycle as much as possible. I hope to get a bike rack to try out some more trails and eventually go out of state to bike on their trails (I Hate the rental bikes)

  • Get Groceries!
    No more heavy, Awkward backpacks full of food! While biking home, So Excited. I'm hoping this will encourage me to eat less fast food and take out, even though I have better access to those places. I'm hoping that I'll take a quick trip to the store and improve my cooking that way.

  • Go To Parks
    And just work! Sometimes staying in the same room 24/7 to run my business gets lonely and boring. I love to be outside so I can go to really nice parks.

  • Go Metal Detecting!
    A hobby I haven't been able to do as much as I would like, I didn't like lugging that on my bicycle in a backpack, Because metal detectors can be fragile! So I'll be posting my finds on that too :)

  • Go on Dates!
    Going on dates is hard without a car, I don't want a bunch of random people knowing where I live, And biking to the place of the date is hard sometimes. So now I can go on dates much easier woo hoo!

Gosh! I can't thank you enough Steemit! This car is everything to me! Thank you for giving me so much more freedom that I haven't had before!

Every time I see my car I get excited and happy!
I can't wait to get some Steemit decals for it! Let's get more people on Steemit! Hehehe




Idk if Honda is good but car style is cool :) Hey, maybe steemit could buy me at least ice cream? :D Well, I might buy one, if my last post, that is about Astana hits like 5 bucks :D so in a split of 75% (3,75 $) cuts in half (around 1,87 $) and fees, I might buy me an ice cream :D But idk how to buy it in Russia :( cross me, I'm just a words

Here give yourself an Ice cream From me! LOL
Hehehe! Do they not have ice cream in Russia ? LOL

What??? 8 bucks? XD my max one was 1,11 :D thank you very much, it's like my whole earning for week xD There is an ice cream, but I haven't thought about transferring steems anywhere for now, I'm still new in here :D I think I'll try to collect my coins from now with your help :3 8 bucks is enough to have a good dinner at university and an ice cream , so thank you very much! I'll keep them on acc and buy myself an ice cream, so it would be you buying me one :3 I'll resteem your post and follow :3

I rounded your reward with my 2 cents so you can get a round icecream lol

Possible follow-up action

Honda's are one of the most reliable cars out there. I fixed a lot cars in my life and Honda is one of the simplest cars to work on. They can easily go a 100 miles with out any problems. They just need the normal oil changes and maintenance and the car will hit 200 miles and beyond.

Well, idk about Honda too much, still, it's not very popular car here in Russia, many people prefer Huyndai Solaris or some Lada, still I think that German cars are more reliable :) I trust in German manufacturing and their engineer genius :D

Honda and Toyota are the top selling cars in the US. My buddy use to work for Honda and I knew a Honda mechanic. They are simple cars to maintain and last a long time if treated properly. They have large Honda Clubs in the states. These civics are popular to the younger crowd for performance tuning.They are very popular in the street classes at local drag strips in the area. Working on both Honda's and German Cars in the US. I prefer a Honda any day. The Japanese cars are easier to fix any day of the week and the parts are more available. Good Luck with it !! Check out this 2 day event that was recently held in the area. No German cars allowed ;>) They get a couple 100 Honda's and Acura's from The North East including, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

Saturday, August 12th, 2017
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

HDAY presented by BC - Drag Racing and Top 50 Car Show. Only Hondas & Acuras can compete. Only muffled and turbo cars can race (un-muffled can only race during qualifying). Go to for more details. Gates open at 10AM.

Sunday, August 13th, 2017
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

HDAY presented by BC - Drag Racing Eliminations and Fully Judged Car Show. Only Hondas & Acuras can compete. Un-muffled can race. Go to for more details. Gates open at 8AM. 1/8th mile track is closed. Rain date August 20.

Thank you :)

That's so freaking amazing!!!!
every day I'm more confident about steemit potencial to change lives. And every day i feel like discovering steemit was the very best thing I could ever have done in order turn my life dreams pursuit a turning it into realistic goals.

I'm so happy to read about thins one more success in your life, Its funny that we have never met and probably never will, but you do have a strong inspiring influence on me. Just Thank you for that and keep sharing all this good news and achievements you get in your life couse I'm sure I'm not the only one but you might be inspiring a whole bunch 0f people like me!

Steem on and enjoy hiking with your new car!! ^^

I'm glad you feel that way about Steemit too :)
I hope we can meet sometime! Hopefully we'll be at Steemfest together sometime :)
Thank you! Thats a nice picture of you hehe :) you look very handsome!

Yeah it would be really amazing, I hope soon we meet in a Steemfest!

I also do love when you post photos of you, you're such a pretty girl too ;)

Wow very beautiful, your age is like a teenager.

Aww you are so sweet hehe :)

Haha, amazed I read your comment, when can we meet.

Hahaa Not sure! Are you in the U.S.? Or do I need to drive across the ocean? LOL

Haha, for your sake I'll try to get there, you wait for my SP a lot. Hehe

How many cell phone numbers are you?

Congratulations, honda's are awesome cars! I love that you picked the two door sport edition! Feel free to come visit me in Florida!

Heheh Thank you! I should !! I really want to see Florida and meeting you in person would be fun too!

OMG!!! That must be the ultimate feeling! Congrats to you. I'm sure it's going to feel great to drive!

Right? It feels so freeing! Hehehe!

That is so awesome! Congratulations and I hope it helps you find many new adventures!

Thank you! I can't wait hehe

You are very lucky my friend, you can buy the car from SteeMit. But I'm sure the result is definitely from the effort you've been fighting for. I'm glad to see people do it, because this can be a passion for me to continue working in the future.
hope you have fun my friend @kaylinart

So true! Heheh Keep it up! You'll get there :)

I also hope so and can make a post like you this. Hahaha 😂👍👍👍

Wow I'm just sitting here in awe. This really does go to show the power of steemit and how much a great community can do. Not only that but it also includes your faith and support in the platform.

I hope I can do the same but rather than getting a car for myself but one for my dad so I can replace his old one which keeps breaking down and causing tremendous financial hardships.

I'm grateful the platform could allow this to happen and I hope you have a great time taking that beauty for a spin @kaylinart

Sweet congrats. Steemit is making things possible for those that put in the time and effort. Beautiful car may it take you on many safe adventures.

Exactly! Thank you so much :)

You have just opened your world up, theres no stopping you now, take care no fancy driving lol enjoy :)

Sweet ride! Wishing you many safe happy years with your new transportation! ♥


Bitcoin just bought me a truck!

It's these kinds of things that will drive the masses to look at crypto.

I'm super happy for you.

Wasn't expecting to see a second car in the comments, congrats diggndeepr! Keep it crypto!

Right ? hehehe Its so amazing!

I am amazed at how this works! Can someone fill me in on how all this works. I'm reading and researching but can't wrap my head around it.

Hi @cheers2mom. I use to sell my bitcoin. It isn't the only way, but it is likely the easiest way. If you sign up for coinbase, you connect your back account to Coinbase and you can buy and sell from and to your bank account.

Beware though, as Coinbase has been known to "lose" bitcoin and also do other sketchy things. If you buy from them, just move your bitcoin to a better wallet right away.

Thank you! Very useful!

WOW ! That is a gorgeous truck! Heheh I'm so glad that crypto has helped us get what we want!! I bet it will for sure!

Right ? hehehe Its so amazing!

This is absolutely freaking awesome! One of the first things I said when i joined Steemit was that I'm in it for the long-haul and hope that eventually I'll be able to buy a house because of steemit.

Look at you all fancy getting a car! This is amazing keep up the grind you're killing it!

Cograts. Really nice.
Next time I'd like to read posting you bought a house.

OMG! Hahah Right? I think that will take a while, but who knows :)

youre living the steemit dream..hope to grow up to be like you one day

Right? Heheh I Hope you are too! Everyone deserves to be successful on Steemit if they put in the effort

Congratulations on getting a new car! It's nice knowing that being able to enjoy blogging and getting to know people and their stories while sharing your own helps you a lot more in real life through these rewards.

Always a lot of interesting stories from people and I can't help but read blogs everyday haha. :)

Thank you so much!
Right? I love seeing how Steemit is changing everyones lives! I can't wait to see what comes of this platform in the later years.

You are welcome and I agree, I can't wait to see how big Steemit become and it definitely deserves it.

Right? It does hehe

Congratulations for new car @kaylinart. May your new car take you to new places open up new opportunities. Love the color.

Thank you! I hope so too hehe.

Nice ride! Congratulations!

Thank you so much! <3

Can you buy me a car? lol

Hahhaha! Sorry I don't have THAT much money LOL

I wish I could buy everyone on Steemit a car though! That would be awesome. car on the list..ferarri xDD

Congratulations. Enjoy your enhanced range of motion.

Thank you so much :)

whattt...your blessed by @steemit.. i hope someday i'l have one too.. thanks for your inspiring post @kaylinart

Thank you! I hope so too :) Steemit can help anyone achieve their goals.

Looking forward for that 😙 hehe... i'l follow you if its alright.

Of course it's alright :)

You can say a lot about steemit, but the communty is really supportive.

I hope to follow in your footsteps someday.......

Thank you so much! I hope you do too hehee

that's awesome! well deserved I'm sure !!!

wow Im so happy for you!! thats so cool and its really inspiring:) I really hope I can do the same thing with steemit in the future. I've only been on here for 14 days but I've met some really cool people and I hope to pursue my dream of songwriting and comedy!! this does prove that dreams come true @kaylinart .. I love this post!!

where do you like to go hiking?? me and my dad are taking a 10 day trip into the Adirondack mountains in mid September :)) gonna be so much fun! there are a lot of amazing locations in upstate New York!

WOW ! That sounds way amazing! Do you live in New York normally?
I go hiking in Utah Around Salt lake at the moment. I hope to go to Moab eventually.

oh wow thats friggen amazing!!!! I hear Utah is the bomb:) I really would love to make my way out there at some point for sure! I keep hearing about it.. so I grew up in New York but a few years ago I moved to south Florida for a nice change .. I can honestly say the sunshine and blue waters are amazing...butttttt its starting to get wayyyy to hot for a New Yorker boy like me haha. I like feeling the brisk air ya know? .. one day il fly out to Utah with steem money lmao and we go can go hike near salt lake!!! that would be sick

Aww I'm glad you love Steemit already! I hope you can get to this point as well hehe.

Love the car and it's great the way you were able to buy it with money earned from steemit.It goes to show that if you put the time and effort into steemit you will be rewarded,thanks for sharing.

Exactly! I think everyone will eventually get rewarded if they are constantly posting good content!

Congratulation with a new car! now its time to travel to ocean and enjoy your life ;)

Thank you!! Right!? I can't wait! I need to get that practice.

AWWWWWWWW That makes me want to go practice now!!

OMG! That's fucking awesome, congrat @kaylinart 😁😊😆 i hope too, maybe one day, hahahaa

Thank you so much! I hope you can too :)

This is such a great SteemIt story! Congratulations on getting the car @kaylinart! 🙂

Thats an achievement im also striving for :-). Well, first drivinglessons. Congratulations @kaylinart!

This is why Steemit is awesome :)

Nice, good work! Cant say i ever saw a post saying look at the car facebook paid for....steem on!

Congratulations @kaylinart
I've bought my blue too... Because steemit is blue. Yours more cool, I just bought a second hand. Toyota Soluna 2000. :D
But I grateful too :)

cool car :)

I'm a driver instructor and I give drive test for driver licenses in my state. You gave me a great idea! I'm going to start posting tips for new drivers and drive coaches. Did the car come with a backup camera? I'm so happy for you!

Congrats. . You made it.. I'm so happy for you.

Congratulation @kaylinart, so amazing

Congrats! so happy and excited for you and your future adventures. Great mileage on it too!

It is so inspiring to hear that somebody got such a lovely present by doing the thing that in first place gives you satisfaction in the first place. Great choice picking Honda.

This one gives me hope. Even though I am a #minnow and transition to being a full time steemian is giving a tougher time that I anticipated, I hope to one day own something I have never had my entire life... A permanent home. Your post has fueled a staggering dream :) Thanks for sharing!

Nice work. Even though I haven't done amazing on steemit, it is my favourite thing to do now, I can get paid for doing things that I enjoy. If this can get a person a vehicle, it is definitely the best thing ever 100%

Very beautiful to see you happy with your new car based on your steemit work. This post it is a great encouragement for all new steemit members.

Congratulations! You deserve that car!

Habla, blah blah blah blah blah, Español for my bunghole...

Wow newbie here look forward to the day I can buy a ice cream , thanks for the inspiration.

Congrats on your nice ride! I have owned a few and can attest that Honda vehicles are very reliable and good on gas mileage. As long as you keep up with the regular maintenance, that car will last for forever (300,000 miles plus).

Congratulations @kaylinart, your perseverance and faith on steemit has certainly paid off; may you achieve more and share the joys of your victory on steemit. Looking forward to follow your footsteps :)

Oh, the places you'll go!! You have put your time in and you deserve it! Congratulations, @kaylinart! I too have hopes for a car someday. I have set a lofty goal for that though...a Tesla Model 3. I have owned 2 cars in my lifetime and both of them were clunkers, at 43 I'm ready for something new and reliable!
Good luck with the driving and have fun on your adventures!

Great post. Please vot for vot.

Thank you for sharing your story! This is extremely encouraging and shows that anything is possible! Now I want to go metal detecting! HAWH HAWH HAWH

That is FANTASTIC..... I have only reached $600 so far but I did buy a Metal Detector and I go Metal Detecting most weekends.

Wow, @kaylinart. Congrats I hope1 day steemit bought me a house. We rented a flat for very long

Nice car! :)

Haha- It's so cool!
You deserve it.

Congrats on your steemit journey!
Civics are nice reliable and gas savers :)
Great color too!
Keep it up :D

yes civics are great and reliable

Inspiring and awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us all, really great looking car and just so awesome, glad to read this story, go Steemit!

I had a Honda Civic from 1991 - in 2010! That thing was great. Easy to maintain and indestructible. We wound up selling it after several years for not much less than we paid.

Yours sure is a lot prettier, though. Congratulations on getting it with Steem money. May it bring you lots and lots of happy miles.

Hey kaylin! Do you use IG, snapchat or twitter?

Not right now, I have a twitter though Kaylinart :)

This is so inspiring. Thank you @kaylinart for showing us all what possibilities are here on Steemit. Enjoy your new car!

Wow. That is awesome. A big congratulations to you. You are going to be rocking with new adventurous posts now even more. Great job on your new car. Steemit is awesome and I'm so happy for you to be able to do this.

As someone who has been following your posts recently congrats and this is something that is definitely deserved! I hope one day to have a story close to this.

Congrats on your new car @kaylinart I really hope I can buy a car someday from steemit

Wow! I'm new on Steemit and struggling a bit to get followers, upvotes and resteems on my posts. But your ( @kaylinart ) story has just inspired me! Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing! I'm following you now!

Drive slowly.........


Sorry I get easily too exited! :D

You deserve not just an car but a huge round of applause.....congrats

It makes me really happy when I see the good people of steemit improving their lives in marked ways thru their steem rewards. Awesome pick for your new whip! Super practical and sharp looking. Congratulations.

Better keep those decals on!

Congrat!!! BTC also bought me a car too!

Amazing post @kaylinart, I agree with what you write, it's very interesting, thanks for sharing that experience , youre deserves for your good job, its a nice car, congrats for your succes, I follow you, we must support ourselves as a community, I appreciate it if you I would give me a look at my last post and give me your opinion, greetings and success in everything! :)



There it is! Good stuff Kaylin, that's awesome (and kind of crazy at the same time). Been here for the whole ride (see what I did and you have worked hard the whole time. Good for you girl, congrats!

You're very cool @kaylinart . congratulations on your new car

congratulations on the achievement of the results of steemit, maybe you want to share a tip with me in steemit, I am so excited to see you get a car from steemit, this is amazing, how many years you can be like this?...

Ha ha ha, go on dates. That made me laugh. Never realized how tough that would be with out a car. Showing up for dinner all sweaty wearing a backpack and running shoes.
Now you will probably start asking your dates if you can pick them up.

Darryl (@dadview) resides in Canada. He is an active member of steemparents and #teamcanada
Check out my Latest Blog

I'm glad you could get something you really wanted, you're articles have paid off, they usually are good, I enjoy reading them.

Well deserved! You worked hard for this! I have a Honda Civic! I love it! I think it's hilarious, I feel like we are living parallel lives. Make a road trip to sacramento! It would be so cool! ❤

Aww , congrats with your new car ! Have fun with it :)

Congratulation. Beautiful lady and beautiful car.

That's awesome, best of luck with your new ride! Like many here on Steemit, glad I could play a small part, I enjoy your posts!!!

Drive safely and if I can give any advice, it's to not rely on your rearview mirror, but rather get in the habit of turning your head to look before turning or changing lanes.

Congrats to you on your new car!

I'm super happy for you, I love your Honda <3

That is really cool, and congratulations on the accomplishment:)

I also see things like what you say about @steemit, I also feel a change in writing style with a significant development, it really manifests in my life, you look very good while writing and you look beautiful in my eyes .. thank you for your post @kaylinart

Congrat for you, i hope in future I want buy house for our family

How amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soo happy for you .....:):) would love to hear more from you and your adventures ..following you :)

That is so amazing, I love how steemit is helping people accomplish goals while doing the things they enjoy. I think I'll be here for a very long time.

You made a good choice by the way, hondas have relatively easy to find parts and tend to last long.

I'm so happy for you! I wish you many years of driving enjoyment and convenience.

I love taking little unplanned road-trips. It's great to just pick a direction, and see where you end up. We find so many awesome places that way. Pack a picnic and just head out.

This is such a great community of people, just look how lives are changing!

Congratulation...i'm happy for you..keep steeming up

Congratulations @kaylinart , great post thanks for sharing. I read you like metal detecting, check out some of my articles i wrote about my truly amazing finds out metal detecting. And good luck on your searches.


Congratulation dear @kaylinart

Wow Steemit is awesome.
You are the fourth car testimony i have read of Steemit.
This is really encouraging and inspiring.
Kudos to your new freedom.

Good work I’ve got a long way to go before I can afford a car of Steem. Nice car, I like the digital speedo its like Kit :)

Wow Kaylin I'm so happy for you. Congratulations. Steemit is currently the best platform ever. Hopefully you will do greater things with Steem. Enjoy your new ride, wish i can ride with you.

Wow! This is amazing!

Congratulations. Do enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

WOWWWWWWWWW!!!! my spirits are burning :D nice @kaylinart i want it. hahahahahhaa

Hello @kaylinart, congratulations on your hard earned steemit car! You are such a great inspiration for so many here, you are the proof for the ones starting that if we want to succeed here, with hard work we can do it!
So happy for you and wish you more and more success ahead!

You have not only bought a car for yourself but motivated thousands of people like me who are steeming here. We have dreams too and such posts are like booster for us. Congratulations for getting what you wanted!

Congratulations:D. You are an excellent artist and an excellent person you deserve that and much more. You're an example to follow.