Why We Do The Bare Minimum?

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Some of us go through life only doing the absolute minimum.
The minimum it takes to keep your job, The minimum in your relationship, so you don't get dumped. You never do any extra unless it's asked. But for the most part, you do enough to get by.

You are Always 1 point away from losing it all

When you only focus on the bare minimum. You are always close to losing important things in your life. If you do the bare minimum at your job, You may lose it when you fall ill. If you aren't doing your best in your relationship, you may lose it all if someone much better comes along to appreciate that person.
Doing the bare minimum can drastically effect every aspect of your life.

Doing The Bare Minimum Is Easy

Many people are drawn to doing less because it's easy and we want to do less. We get that feeling of accomplishment without doing any serious work. Our brains naturally gravitate towards tasks like this, because we can save energy while feeling like we accomplished more.

You May Wait For Opportunities to Come To You

I've noticed that many people wait for large opportunities to come to them. Their dream job, Their dream training. But nothing that they want comes a long. So instead of looking for opportunities, they wait.
One thing I always wanted in life, Was to do fine art all day. And while I don't get to do that all day, I get to draw and make designs. And write. So it's close to what I wanted originally. I didn't get to where I am by waiting for opportunities. I was actively seeking them by doing searches, Networking and reading books. As well as going out when I could. I've noticed that many "bare minimum" people also do the bare minimum when it comes to their future. And how can you expect to get anything you want with that mindset?

Diminishing Returns

There is one benefit for those of us who do the bare minimum, and that's the law of diminishing returns, Which states that there is is a point where we see less and less added benefit for doing more. Sometimes it's best when we don't go above that threshold Because we will be putting in significantly more effort into it while receiving less reward. Some people see this as an income of 75,000 per year of income. Many studies have proven that the happiness level of people doesn't go up very much more, Yet people making above that. May have to work a lot harder making it less worth it. Some jobs that pay by the hour are the same way, When People don't see any real benefits to working harder, They don't. They are being paid by the hour anyway.

This rule can be applied to many things.


Life is tricky sometimes, It's often better to go above the bare minimum in parts of your life that are very important to you, While doing more than the bare minimum in other areas may not be worth it because you don't' always see the added benefits.

What does doing the bare minimum mean to you?

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I find doing the bare minimum to be boring and worthless to me. I like a challenge and though not having to do as much and gain more would be good, you realistically still have to work hard to get to a point where it takes less effort i.e. getting the Steemit follower base going and knowing your posts are what will get you the followers and the bonus of extra gains to help support you in life i.e. you getting your car.

So long as you do whatever is your preference and are happy with your choices/where you are in life or getting to in life, then that is what matters.

I see you haven't scrubbed too hard and lost your house yet hehe. 😉

Right?? I feel the same way! Heheh :) The bare minimum is very boring!
I love your comments! Heheh and nope! Still haven't cleaned my house to the point of disappearing lol XD

Yup, right! And what are we now left with? A hand in an unnecessary joke XD. Couldn't help myself. 😂
Aww and I love your comments/replies too! Hehe and good! 😉

If you did not read Tim Ferris's " The 4 Hour Work Week" you have to .
I have a strong feeling that you will relate :)

@kaylinart - What an important point you have highlighted here my friend!! We will never have time in life for doing everything to the fullest extent. Nor does it make sense to do everything with full effort and intensity. You are very right in pointing out that we should only do the bare minimum for some things while we should go beyond bare minimum for others. It is all about setting priorities in life and striving to achieve some goals

In my case, the bare minimum. for the things I consider important, are when I feel satisfied about my effort. I tend to be a perfectionist sometimes and that is not always good. So I have to balance and decide how much effort is 'bare minimum' for top quality work in my view.

Thanks for this important point. Upvoted full.

When you have time and inclination, I request you to check out my blog on my debut digital art combined with my story of how Steemit brought out the bare minimum effort on Social media to an all new level in me. Your comments will be very valuable and appreciated since you are an artist . Thanks



I have suggested before it is the lowest grade of American Work Ethics. The employer will pay so little money that the employee will not leave and go elsewhere, the employee will do the minimum amount of work to not get fired. This is the core at the downfall of the USA.

Wow brilliant! I've never heard of that. I think if both the employee and the employer did more the world would be so much better.

I seem to go in phases where I do the bare minimum, than get feel the urge to do more and turn in to hurricane mode where everything I do gets full effort lol

At the bare minimum I am going to comment @kaylinart and her postings all I can. All I can do is GIVE all I can. STEEMIT is that Blessing to everyone who does MORE than the bare minimum...............

I tend to do the opposite ... doing way more than the minimum. However, sometimes when you exceed the bare minimum, others don't appreciate the effort which leads one to do only the minimum required next time.

If you want others to do more than the minimum, show a little appreciation.

Also, I think people tend to do the minimum when they don't really care about what they're doing ... often because they have to do it rather than want to do it.

i think BARE means.... to live, eat, ,reproduce ,earn n die ... just like animals... the real worth of life is to DISCOVER THE LIFE FOR EVER......

For me I have always been driven by the sense that the most successful and talented people are the ones who work the hardest at improving themselves. When I was a grad student I was reading over 50 nonfiction books a year because I wanted to go above and beyond. That mindset still drives me today in all aspects of my life.

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Excellent read! Good for you for chasing your dreams too. I too think a lot of people wait for opportunities. Sometimes they get lucky and it falls in their laps, but most people aren't that lucky. They need to chase and keep chasing!

I have suggested before it is the lowest grade of American Work Ethics. The employer will pay so little money that the employee will not leave and go elsewhere, the employee will do the minimum amount of work to not get fired. This is the core at the downfall of the USA.

My experience, the more you do and accomplish the more people hate you. Sad truth. Somehow your efforts make other people feel, less than. And the people hate you for it. For myself I am very pleased to see someone put in effort, and I hope it pays off for them spiritual or financially. But thats just not what I see, unfortunately. In fact, seems to me, if you work hard, you become a target for this society being built where no one does anything, or gets anything accomplished, but be slaves to the top 100 so called elites.

Thats a very very good and inspiring posts....really helpful for me....

I came here thinking that it will only be about cons of doing the bare minimum. I'm actually pleasantly surprised that you show the other side of putting minimum effort into things.

But for me, I dont I try to strive harder for anything that I do and not perform the bare minimum. I used to be workaholic who used to work 20 hours a day for a company, but found out later that it wasnt really worth the effort when I could accomplish the same result by working smarter and not longer.

well as you mentioned doing bare minimum is easy and people tend to choose the easy way not keping in mind the near future or far future affects of it so.........

I feel as though I have the opposite problem, being a perfectionist. I've thrown things, broken things, and tossed things in the trash because they didn't come out as good as I hoped when in fact the results were probably okay, passable. I don't know how people can go through life just doing the bare minimum. It would drive me crazy. I struggle to find a happy medium.

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up doing the bare minimum depending on the circumstance.. I find humans to be quite lazy sometimes lol myself included. There's such a huge payoff when you go above and beyond but sometimes it's difficult to reach that level. I'm happy for you! Your literally in the midst of achieving your dreams ! Blogging and doing art :) making some Mula .. buying cars lmao dude your kicking butt!! One things for sure though and it's never the bare minimum when your doing something you love ❤️

People always prefer the easy way out of everything when the though way is more rewarding

Diminishing marginal returns... as in your example of reaching satisfaction at $75K a year (I think it's $83K now... inflation).

In the US, we measure too many things in terms of money and wealth. And it becomes a catch-22... a bit like @pastbastard commented, a cycle. I do far more than the bare minimum... at things I don't get paid for, but mostly I cant afford to because I have to put my energies into income producing things... that I don't care as much about; so I get caught in "doing less."

And so, I have to sit back and consider your question in the context of the reality that I am perhaps a "barely minimum" human DOING, but a much above barely minimum human BEING. Kindness, compassion, helpfulness, honesty, dedication... their value is harder to measure.

wow ,,great one

Hi @kaylinart, Thanks for sharing the great post. Here are my views on it:

Majority of the people do the bare minimum or even less than that because it's easy. So, it's not surprising that only 2% in the world are regarded as successful. There is a price for everything in the world we're living in.

Good job. Thumbs up.

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Everything's mind. Wake up and fly. Be successful.

Exactly! And I have found that the people who only do this minimum are often the biigest complainers of everything, how things are bad, going wrong and so bad luck for them and so on.... And yet they don't want to make any extra effort to make things better for them selves. Horrible way of living.

Maybe it's a generational thing or maybe it's my parents but I was always taught "if a job's worth doing it's worth doing well". It even annoys me when social media is full of prayers for victims or when people tell their friends they are thinking of them when they are ill or in need. Well done that's the absolute bare minimum you can do without ignoring it. Good for you (NOT).

Yes I get it, the law of diminishing returns. Even applies to those with high ideals who opt out and live modestly versus engaging in the exploitation economy.