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RE: Building Bridges; How Do We Make Valuable Connections in Life?

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Dear @chbartist,

You made a great point. Communication and socialization should travel side by side. I want to stress this point. A small ant story about that. Generally ants collect their food for winter in large groups. Each and every member will bring their own capacity of food and it will become herd. In this process they will find so many obstacles. They will travel in a line. Even if the line breaks they will search their path to home in that lane only. During that process they will communicate each other irrespective of whether they know each other or not.

So the point here is if we form a community we should stay strong when there are obstacles and even if the line breaks also the rest of the group should follow the path. During that process every one should communicate with each other. I feel this way the community will go strong. The ant theory will definitely form a great community. I might have communicated this in a better way. But due to lack of time I kept this short and precise.

I want to that thank @crypto.piotr for presenting this great article to me.


Thank you for mentioning my name. Otherwise I would most likely miss this comment @kcherukuri

Im really glad to see how responsive you are. LOVE IT big time!


Its better I thank you for presenting good articles to me. It is saving a lot of time for me dude.


Im sorry for such a late reply @kcherukuri

I just realized that I missed bunch of comments lately. Just wanted to thank you for keeping in touch with me.

Hopefully you had a great weekend,

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