Are there any humans out there?

in #life4 years ago

I was really excited about joining steem, but so far, I'm not certain I've interacted with a real human yet.

I was expecting this:


And instead I got this:


I read some Steem writers talking about how bots are a good thing. Isn't this platform supposed to be about the community, and rewarding community members?

Anyone care to prove me wrong?



Bots can create content 24/24h, 7/7d, 365.25/365.25d. Humans simply can't compete against that. There is no transaction fee on steemit, only a broadband limit which is pretty high, which makes bots spamming very easy.

You have been rewarded 0,33% by the fknbot... Just kidding ;)
I think that's because Steemit is still in beta and haven't found its real identity. People are trying things, bots programers are trying other things. Some people are posting good content and some other trying to make money.
We are going toward what you expected first but I guess it is a long way to reach it.

Thanks fknbot. ;)
Ok! Yeah it's a long way away from that community, but thanks for replying!
I'll follow ya thanks !

I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.

Interesting - it seems as though the more populated and vast the internet, and the more we are inundated with connectivity - the more difficult it becomes to have even a trivially meaningful conversation with anyone at all.

Haha, glad you caught the reference.
Hey, a fellow human! I'll follow ya. Thanks for saying hello!

Cheers! Actually I read your intro post - between programming, creating music and potentially a kickstarter we probably have many common interests.

Thanks deltomix! It's encouraging to hear from real people. I'll check out your stuff now!

I AM HUMAN! Follow me lol