Why Cryptocurrencies are not all they seem to be...

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Cryptocurrencies could be great, but can be greedy


Reasons why Cryptos are Awful (Rant)

  1. It's greedy
  2. You're supporting sex trafficking
  3. It's making the richest even richer
  4. It's greedy
  5. They're worthless. No real value is ever created...just the belief in value
  6. They're not actually decentralized. Stop saying that, you dork. The moment you can't get $ or euros, or whatever you want with your stinking coins, your coins will be worth less than dog shit.
  7. It's greedy
  8. There's no value or jobs created. Just speculation and greed. Look at Wall Street...wow! They work hard! Love those guys!
  9. It's greedy. TONS of people are hiding dirty money, or hiding money that could be used for social programmes that help everyone (better education), so they buy bitcoins
  10. Cryptos ruined steemit. How is that so? You ask. Bots. They're everywhere. This post will be upvoted by 50 bots. If there were no money, there would be few bots, except for a minority of phishing bots

Good Reasons about Cryptos

  1. People can make some easy money, hopefully. That seems good
  2. Steemit is pretty good. But I'm pretty sure this is just a Bot-tocracy


The only thing valuable about Steemit, is "the Steemit Community",** that is, the REAL PEOPLE , contributing their real HUMAN EXPERIENCES, through thoughts, stories and photos. Since it's mostly bots, the value is questionable at the moment, but maybe that will change.