"BEP DEL" means one moment in Thai.. 🚴 💨 ♻️

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Wow is it really coming round to Steemfest again?

I was just reading @Karinxxl's post and realized wow things have come such a long way in such a short time. Missing Steemfest3 really puts things in perspective for me and compounds the realization that it's really time to commit to this blogging thing! 😂

Sure we've all had bear market pains but as I look around during this long ass dip 📈 All I see is huge potential for growth and lots more people coming onboard.

Dare we set optimistic Steemfest intentions for next year? Maybe..

Let's see those charts bounce up again first and take some pressure off our necks 🔪 Personally I'd like to get my post consistency rolling over the next two months. Steeming strong again by the end of the year, while still maintaining my dance for the matrix right? 💃

Setting realistic and achievable goals is key to the balance isn't it? One challenge I'm working on is my "all or nothing" default, I feel it's from my childhood or something and I'm determined to break the cycle and keep hitting that post button! Who's with me? Comment below and let's buddy up with our accountability.

So I've been excited to talk about BEP it's Chiang Mai's very first bicycle courier service! First and foremost we're a bunch of enthusiasts: aka bike nutters. Besides that we're also a team of Eco-friendly, lean, green, traffic shredding machines!

A much needed pedal-powered, pollution solution. Delivering business packages and private orders all over and around the city. Day and night, come rain or shine! (Mostly fucking shine here in sweltering Chiang Mai) Yeah I've been thinking up these silly sayings as I ride around pushing boxes all day..

We have a FB page, I know, I know.. like I said matrix dance. Anyway it's the place to get hold of us if you're ever in Chiang Mai and need something delivered, collected or you're simply too busy to sit in smelly traffic! 🙀

None of those gas-guzzling Grab or motorbike gangsters can compete with our rates and you'll be supporting our grass roots, local business as well as the environment! 🌱 You can find us or me on the LINE app if you have that: @bepc @kenistyles

One of the best things about being paid to ride around on my bike all day, besides getting crazy fit is learning more about this incredible city. I've seen inspiring posts by @artemislives who often promotes our local Thai artisans and also @karinxxl with her recent bicycles adventures.

So one thing I plan to do in the coming weeks is to share some hidden secrets of Chiang Mai, through the eyes of a bike messenger! That way I can attempt to juggle both passions for blogging and riding.

Also stay tuned for our new @smg competition, we're still working out the details though we already have some cool prizes in store and hope to make it a regular thing. The goal is to support newbie help topics as well as grow our engagement as a group via steem-side posts and comments.

See you tomorrow!


Here's a vid from an alley cat street race a few years ago where I met the man who's since become a great friend, biz partner and the insane monkey mind behind BEP and Critical Mass CNX! ✊🙊

SMG is a mutual support and co-curation group. Join our discord here.

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"Still Maintaining My Dance For The Matrix." haha..... PERFECT phrase. :) Nice. I DO worry about you in heavy polluted traffic, esp as dry-smoky season approaches. But appreciating the radical act of cycling in a petro world.

The Hidden Secrets of Chiang mai. Hmmm! GREAT idea! Have at it. :)

Thank you @artemislives here's a 100% 🙏

Please don't worry, it's just using your powerful and amazing imagination to attract what you don't want right? I've got myself a gas mask though you are a very present and loving reminder, even superheroes have weaknesses and one of mine is air.. can't peddle very fast without it LOL! 😤

Perhaps when you're in town you can show me of your hidden secrets here? I know you have all the best places! I'm gonna do all our fav restaurants and cafe's first ☕️ We're so spoilt with so many to choose from!

Great feedback on manifesting more consciously. :) Yes, will give some thoughts to some "hidden secrets" who would enjoy some steem love and exposure. You could start with our super-lovely friends at Birds Nest and Ole. :) Please tag them as travel. I have JUST started using My Healthy Natural Thai Life page (so far just sharing links on the FB page, but starting to post on my own blog there and will be using steempress when I work out how) - always happy to cross share those posts there.

Yay Ole! Lol that's fun to say and yep they're on my short list. It's a fun mission thinking of the best places to eat and oh well, looks like I'll have to go have a bite or sip and take some pics! 👍
Some solid accountability here @artemislives, I like I like! I'm waiting for a friend to get back to me with how @steempress will not damage seo rankings btw. I'll share in @smg once I digest that info.

I'm off to play "outside" now.. 🙀

You have to set it to post first in WP and then steem after 15 mins. That way the WP post gets the SEO. Sam @eftnow is the man and explained that to me already.

I think the @steempress account also has posts about it already.

Perfect! Totally makes sense. Thanks

So I've been excited to talk about BEP it's Chiang Mai's very first bicycle courier service! First and foremost we're a bunch of enthusiasts, bicycle nutters. Besides that we're also a team of Eco-friendly, lean, green, traffic shredding superheroes!

Excellent idea, zero pollution generation , daily exercise and you get some profit , so the perfect ecuation for a happy life.

All my best wishes for you. ;)

Hi @nowonline! 👋 I don't think we've met before, thanks for commenting on my post. Yeah it's a pretty sweet deal, though since I'm also a dad it has to take balance to spend time with family as well as fitness lol.

Beside the personal goal of minimizing our carbon foot prints, we're doing our best to be an example to others to both get in shape and use their bodies. As well as cut down on all the traffic pollution clogging up our city. Though I have to say, the bicycle messenger community is also a huge "thing" that I didn't know about before. Some really cool people out there in cities all over the world.

That makes me think how is it in your part of the world? And I ask nervously as I'm not fully up to date on your country at the moment.. you know since things started getting stressful there.

Well, in my country is a little complicated to go everyhwere on a bicycle, but , of course there are some groups that make it in a safe way, on daylight, in groups.

People learn how to manage to fullfil their need of exercise and healthy life, so don't worry about that!

Yeah I guess so. Though I'm interested about the problems of the economy from your perspective, since you know all we see from the news is not always accurate right?

At least riding is one thing that would grow and also benefit people when they are living more mindfully right? So at least in one more way it can be seen as a benefit to ride.

Oh my God, economy. Totally crazy. We're living with an estimated inflation value bigger than 1000%.

Zero possibilities of having any saving, here, you are saving by buying whatever you need TODAY, because tomorrow it will have a higher cost. So, to "save" you need to buy, as quickly as you can.

If, you have money after that ( buy what you're going to need), then, the smart thing to do is buy dollars or euros ( something that is prohibited by the government) , keeping money at the bank is the biggest mistake here, because every day you will have less money. Do you get what I mean?

Ah so it is true what I saw. I do get a feel for what you mean, though I can only imagine what it is like. From the local perspective it must be quite stressful for you and a lot of people no? I hope this time can bring communities together and that you and your family have good people around you? Hopefully there can be a fresh focus on growing food sustainability and becoming self-sufficient from the state beyond this crazy financial situation?

Ah, that's why you are on a bike!! Is it fairly flat? As @karinxxl knows my main concern with cycling is hills lol... a fun way to get fit though!

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Yeah my rounds in the city are super flat with annoying noisey highways too. Though we sit at the foot of a pretty mountain with plenty steep rolling hills beyond too. You can get to them easy enough if you fancy a blow out. Though as I ride around all day, I just see the flats as perfect for speed training!

Here's considered the mountains region of Thailand though.. not really huge ones like it sounds. I used to run up Doi Suthep on a daily basis. That's about 4.2k ft of incline over 11ish miles, takes the body and mind right off on the most beautiful trails out and back, you know.. if you're into nature and that.. 😊 💚

Mister delivery duuuuuuude!!! hahahahha. Damn thats a proper summer wear on that bike you have going on man.. No sunburns from that?

But the idea of sustainable package delivery is fantastic dude, praise that !

Hahahaa no no sunburns, just Thai's freaking out about my nipples. We are at the stage were we need more riders as there's so much demand for this and it's hard to turn down orders so it's go go go! 🚴📦

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