10 Guy Hobbies Girls Think are HOT!

in #life3 months ago

Hey Steemers, so I asked a few Girls about Hobbies that make men attractive and made a list of a few hobbies Girls think a Guy is HOT.

What you are can make you even sexier!

  1. Makes music - musicians are viewed as hot! Take up a musical instrument to be considered automatically as more attractive.

  2. Is into motorcycles - and hot rods too

  3. Cooks - if you know your way around the kitchen, your sexiness is raised!

  4. Is active outside and connected to outside - this includes hiking and camping.
    I love the idea of having the skills to survive like just off the land in nature, drop me somewhere remote.

  5. Likes MMA / UFC fighting - it's one of Alpha's guilty pleasures; he went to Draft Kings and drafted his fighters. He built his line-up, and the experience has been heightened for him.

  6. Loves cats - dogs are fine, but cats are awesome. But, if you want to increase your ability to talk to sexy senoritas, get a dog and walk him.

  7. Reads a lot - enjoy reading at the coffee shop or dog park; forget about it, you are sexy!

  8. Helps around the house - especially with laundry because men can be sloppy pigs.

  9. Is really good at something - it's true! If you are good at something, it makes you attractive.

  10. Is passionate about something that makes him happy - could be music, art, gardening; just something that makes him happy. If you are excited about something, it's attractive.


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