7 Reasons People (Secretly) DON'T Like You!

in #life3 months ago

Hello Steemers, so there is a certain people, that we meet that we automatically like and if this is You. Congratulations, cause it's like a superpower. On the Flip side there are certain people that you meet, that for whatever reason. You just don't like them. Now you do you consider yourself a likeable person or a better question do other people view you as likeable gentleman? If the answer is "yes absolutely" follow me. If the answer is "I think so" also follow me. If the answer is "probably not" follow me. Bacause today I´m gonna help you fix it today Steemers. I'm going over 7 things that if you're doing them automatically make other people dislike you.

Sloppy and messy drunk -- your friends won't like you if you repeatedly do it over and over and have to say you're sorry over and over. You can't take it back, but you can change. Don't continue down the toxic road of self-destruction. Get it under control.

Perv -- Everyone knows that guy -- he's over the top, making over the top comments and being uncomfortable. Same if you send inappropriate text messages. You come across as creepy. Push it down!

Arrogant and acting like your sh!t doesn't stink -- these people think they impress others, but they are not. They come across as insecure, actually.

Insecurities -- don't let your insecurities manifest in super negative and toxic ways. If you are insecure about something, learn to work around those insecurities. If you are insecure about your hair loss, use Bosley Rx and have treatment sent to you. They are the hair doctors who have been in the hair loss business for over 45 years. Do something now -- the sooner, the better to pick your treatment plan.

Lazy -- Alpha doesn't relate to someone being lazy. He's always been a hard worker. You need to put in the effort to have people want to hang out with you, have sexy senoritas wish to date you, and employers want to hire you.

Blaming others -- where you start isn't where you have to stay. You have 100% where you go in life. Take responsibility for your life and helping others to achieve their goals. Don't blame others for sh!t you can control -- channel all of your angst into working toward success.

Pessimistic -- if you are negative, you are an energy vampire. These people think they are telling you the truth when they're pessimistic. This negativity is a turn-off.

The other good news is if you follow me, I will fell like you like me. Which is something I struggle with because I've got low self-esteem. KIDDING. My self-esteem is definitely solid but it would be more solid if you follow me.


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