Make Your CRUSH (or EX) WANT YOU! (30 Day Plan)

in #life3 months ago

Hey steemers, today we are going to make her as$ so jealous. It's ridiculous because I'm gonna go over a 30 Day Plan to make her jealous and miss the sh%& out of you


  1. Stop texting, messaging, posting, engaging or calling her

  2. Stay off social media - remove yourself from the situation and stop posting anything.

  3. Start taking better care of your body - start doing something every day which changes your physique and mindset

  4. Perform one random act of kindness every day - you change your brain and give yourself an outlet for doing things for others without any expectation of getting anything in return

  5. Give a compliment to 2 people every day - you will engage and talk to people you normally don't. Your self esteem will be built while simultaneously increasing your people skills

  6. Try new things stylistically - get recommendations from the sales associates

  7. Get a fresh hair cut which includes upgrading your hair products

  8. Change the way you smell

  9. Engage with your friends and loved ones - they'll help you get through this challenging time. Get out there and have fun. Be active - but not with another girl. She may reach out to you at around the 3-week mark. And when she asks you if you've been doing well, the answer is, "Yes. I hope you're doing well as well." That's all. You're looking good, and you feel incredible.

  10. Around week 4 send her a text - "I just saw something that made me think of you. I hope you're doing well." or "I saw something that made me smile, and I thought of you." or "Hey! I hope you're doing well. It's been awhile." Then set the phone down and let it be. You can go out for some coffee, but it's up to you. But do you REALLY want to get back with her? There was a reason it ended. There is no reason, however, you shouldn't let her regret it and for you to look amazing.