STOP (Secretly) KILLING Your Confidence & Motivation?!

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Hey Steemers, let me be crystal clear in a slitghtly cryptic way, I'm not saying that you shouldn't do your thing. Do you as the kids say today, your dad did it your weird uncle Barry did it often. It's not about not doing your thing, it's the way you are going about facilitating doing your thing that is potentially the problem. Everybody watches a little bit right, it's not a big deal and it may not be a big deal to you. But there are some people that if definitely is impacting in a very negative way and that's what we're going to talk about today.


The first thing and reason why watching and consuming a lot of the movies is detrimental to you. It's all about the dopamine reward system. Dopamine gets us in trouble Steemers because dopamine is a little thing that our brain releases and dopamine's job is to basically reward us and make us feel good when we accomplish a goal a task or do something that's going to help us sustain life a lot of things that release dopamine. One of which is stimulation. -- it makes us feel good when we accomplish a goal. It's also released when you finish doing your thing -- and it makes you want some more. It's addicting due to a vicious cycle.

  • Interferes with connecting with people -- the more you watch this hardcore type of content the higher your tolerance for visual stimulation grows. You become desensitized which will make it exponentially harder to get stimulated respectively. The more you watch, the more getting excited becomes a dangerous slippery slope -- it becomes increasingly challenging.
  • Interferes with your relationship -- stop watching it and then watch your relationship flourish. You will become better connected.
  • Can cause a serious complex about your junk -- watching these adult based flicks can cause you to think your junk is deformed. The most important thing is that it works -- not it's size. If you have any type of erectile dysfunction (ED), let Roman help you with discrete and simple appointments and medication (shipped to your door). They can also help you last longer with Roman Swipes (no prescription needed).
  • Creates unrealistic expectations -- it is not reality. Your sexy senorita is not going to act like that around the house. These movies also make sex about taking care of yourself.
  • Makes you lazy -- you will not be as productive personally or socially. You're not active, and you're not working on creating or developing relationships. Your confidence and self-esteem take a hit, because you'll feel a bit guilty and naughty afterwards, and over time, you feel beat-up over it. It's a vicious cycle.
  • Damages your relationship satisfaction level -- you think what you see in these movies is what you want, and then when you don't get it at home, you don't get it. This can damage your relationship with someone who's amazing.
  • Makes you become numb to the really bad stuff that is happening in these videos -- it normalizes objectification.
  • Can cause addiction -- it's addictive like drugs.

If you are somebody that is consuming a lot of this stuff, it's silently destroying your confidence, motivation, and ability to kick ass. If you chill a little bit and refrain for 30-days along with removing some of the triggers, you will find that everything in your life will get better including your relationships.

Just try it like 30 days, give it a try.


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