Some News Shouldn’t Be Passed On Through A Phone Call

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I was sitting in a bus going to the office this morning when a lady got a call she picked it and was smiling as she was exchanging greetings with the person that called her. Suddenly she shouted and slumped on the body of the lady sitting next to her. We were confused! Was it an epileptic attack a man at the back asked, no, if it was she’ll be shaking another replied.


What Happened?

I picked the phone and saw that the person that called was still saying hello hello. I now asked her who she was and what she told the lady that made her to slump. The lady at the other end of the phone said she was related to the lady in the bus that they were cousins and that she called her to tell her that her elder brother was involved in a car accident on his way to the village and that the accident took his life. Hmmm! I was so shocked and told the lady if anything should happen to the lady with us in the bus that she should hold herself responsible for that. Is it this type of breaking news that you tell someone over the phone?

How It Used To Be Done

During the good old days, you don’t break the news of the death of somebody to his or her relatives just like that. You look for friends of that person, you come together and even take the person to where the person will feel relaxed, then all sorts of idioms, parables and stories are told about life in general are said before the news is broken. Though the news still comes as a shock the person at least has friends and well-wishers around to console the person. Now all things have change, a woman sees the friends husband driving on his way somewhere with a woman that is not the wife on the passenger’s seat, next thing she calls her friend and tells her her husband is at it again, that she saw a woman in the car with him and it looks like he is taking her to a hotel. Lol. She may not know the passenger is a colleague he saw on his way to the office and decides to give her a lift to the office. Often times things are over exaggerated on the phone and the receiver is put in a panic situation for no good reason.

What Finally Happened?

We were able to revive the woman who was still in shock and kept repeating the brothers’ name and saying why me why me? The bus driver was not even paying attention, at some point he even told us to keep our voices down because we were distracting him and not allowing him to concentrate. The conductor of the bus was busy calling out locations to where we were heading to in anticipation of getting more passengers, he was also telling us to shift and sit properly so that passengers coming in can find seats to sit on. The conductor at some point said “the man has gone he has gone, no more worry in life, it is us that are still alive that will continue to worry” after making that statement he continued calling out for more passengers. I was kinda frozen when he said that and continued what he was doing without a sign of sympathy on his face. It made me to wonder too about what he said, it did make sense, the man has nothing to worry about again, but we that are alive will continue to worry until the day we also go to the land to the dead, but does it mean because we don’t want to worry so we should wish to go? I think I prefer staying alive and continue to worry. Lol.

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This is my personal thoughts I think some time that create confusion and shocking.

Thanks for your comment my dear friend.

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I've received shocking news over a text and then the phone, it definitely rocks you off your feet, it might take a few moments to sink in, but it is both a happy and a sad moment. Happy because you shared time with the person and that they won't have to feel pain anymore, and sad that they are no longer in the flesh to share the life we are gifted. Thank you for sharing!

You're very correct, thanks for your comment.

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Wonderful reasoning friend.
I also prefer to stay alive and worry.
The story is very sad.

Lol. You are very correct my friend.

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Thank you for your posting.Plz upvote only this comment and i'll resteem yr posting right now.

Don't worry, ones the result is out all things will be settled.

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