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Eating an apple every day does not have to go to the doctor. All of us have been hearing this from childhood but do you also believe in this? We listen to a lot of things but follow some of them. Apple is considered a miraculous fruit. It is most cultivated and it is stored in very large amounts by collection.


Apple has many nutrients that are essential for our body. The nutrients present in it can eliminate many diseases. Let us understand the benefits and benefits of eating the right time.

Calcium and antioxidants present in apples strengthen the bones, but also save bone breaks. It also reduces the risk of osteoporosis, so if you want healthy and strong bones, then take fresh apples daily.

Asthma patients get plenty of benefit from consuming apple or apple juice. Various research has cleared that apple is effective in preventing asthma attack. The flavonoids found in them make the lungs stronger. Research has also proven that people who drink apple juice daily, they have fewer lung diseases.

Save can not replace your brush but by chewing it chewing, your teeth get whiteness. Doing this does not cause bacteria in the mouth and there is no associated disease.