In the morning the empty stomach will end up with root of five raisins

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Raisins are very small but there are many properties present in it. Tell you that raisins contain a lot of iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and fiber. You must have heard about the benefits of eating raisins, but do you know that drinking curry leaves can be astonishingly beneficial to you? No. Before soaking the raisins, it should be well dusted.


The raisin water cleans the blood in the liver faster. If you drink it continuously for 4 days then many diseases of stomach such as constipation etc. are finished.

Iron is available in abundance in raisins. If you eat raisins soaked in water every day, it increases blood in your body and also keeps you from anemia.

In raisins, fiber is found abundant which is helpful in digestion. Soak 1-12 raisins in a glass of water in the night and drink it with raisins in the morning empty stomach.

In the raisins, all the nutrients are present, which prove to be helpful in increasing immunity. If it is consumed continuously in the cold, then it helps in fighting bacteria and infections.