Multi vitamins are caused by eating these 3 serious disadvantages,

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Many young people have started becoming multivitamin addict nowadays. Youth has begun to rely on young multivitamin to look smart and full of energy. Young people are under tremendous pressure on their looks. The first desire of the youth is to look beautiful and fit.


For this, they rely on multivitamin pills with eyes closed. Multi vitamins have advantages but there are some disadvantages too many people know, so let's know.

Vitamin 'A' excesses harm the liver, whereas excessive vitamin 'D' leads to hormonal disturbance.

Multivitamin use bullets to appear younger, but many times they are reversed, wrinkles begin to appear on their face.

Excess quantity of vitamin B6 can cause toxicity in the nerves, whereas B-3 may be at risk of toxicity of mittoe, jaundice and liver.