This is the 4 main symptoms of fatty liver, do not ignore the warning;

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A busy lifestyle and unhealthy diet can lead to many health problems, one of them is Fatty Liver. If it is not treated at the time, it can take a serious form. Its work is to process everything that we eat or drink, as well as filter out many types of harmful substances by our blood.

There is definitely some fat in a normal liver, but sometimes the amount of unnecessary fat increases in liver cells. It is a serious disease that is commonly known as fatty liver.


Weight loss in the body may be a sign of fatty liver disease. However, there are many substantial reasons for weight reduction but one of these reasons is also fatty liver. But if the weight loss is getting faster then you should seek medical advice.

If there is a problem with fatty liver, the patient's stomach remains swollen. If this problem is ignored, then it can lead to a serious illness later on. In this problem, a substance is made in the stomach because blood and fluid remains the level of protein and albumin. The inflammation of the stomach that occurs in it feels as if a pregnant woman has a stomach.

Many times people are not taken to get hungry in the light. Some people ignore it altogether. But let us tell you that lack of appetite can be an initial sign of fatty liver disease for us.