How to change background in Photoshop Cs6 2018

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Welcome back on my blog .

Are you interested to know how to make a beautiful design and you want to become a designer.
I'm here for you, today i will show you how to change a background of picture in Photoshop Cs6.
You can watch my video for more explanation on @dlive or watch on youtube.

I have seen before many people pay a lot of money for designer but what i saw, you can make it yourself.
It is simple and easy to do it. if you are new on my blog follow me on @kimenyi2018.
On my blog i will focus on some work in technology if we need to pay for it, we will how we can make it our self somehow it hard to get it. but don't worry i will make research And share with you and also if you have something you can share with us so that All together we can help each other.

Let talk in short summary how to change background using Photoshop as we had see before on my post i had share last week ago. How to remove background, also you can watch it on youtube.

Now will see how to replace background with another background you want . first you have to find background you want to use.
There are many website you can download free image and background as you want. then after you have to set your picture in Photoshop as i showed you in video, Make section of your picture careful. it is simple to do that after join those picture ,see in my video above how.

If you want advanced editing you can visit on on the link below make order i will make it for you on low price

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Thanks meet in next post

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