Up vote To get up vote for every day, let new member support each other.

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According to some experience i have on steemit every new member start with 15 steem power, steemit delegate to every new member. after i knew that i got an idea that if every one had 15 steem power 100 member had 1500 steem power, when you use https://www.steemnow.com/upvotecalc.html
As it shows 1500 steem power has up vote value which is equal to 0.38$. you are member of steem blockchain you know value of that amount. i realize that instead of struggle every day post and get nothing or enough amount and make comment for nothing. we can use opportunity we have in order to build our own power.
I know there are many way to increase your power include to invest in steemit but this is other option.
we can choose a short time every day for up vote same member we choose in our group including you.
Here there a way i think we can use in order to make it clear, if you have any idea leave comment or inbox me on facebook on the link below you will find my username @kimkevin

Our terms and conditions

1.All member must Up vote for member we choose every day

2.Up vote comment and post for every member we choose on that day

You will go to username of every member we choose for that and open his/her comment and up vote first one
this will help both of us because it is not all of us, we post every day, comment is option if you didn't post in last 5
day but every member must comment for any post every day when they didn't post anything.


Make sure to select time for up vote every day.

We have capacity to up vote 20 vote per day but good option is to use 14 per day

We will choose 14 people every day in one week

As i said above That means our group must contains 98 members in order to get 14 member per day to be upvoted

This is our responsibility must be fulfill in order to get power on steemit without straggle

We will notice every day 14 member to be up vote under this rule
If you have a reason for one day you will tell us in order to wait you on next day.

Let make power together

Join Today we are starting let share ideas for best of us

Upvote this post in order to support each and follow me i will do the same