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RE: Building Bridges; How Do We Make Valuable Connections in Life?

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Thank you for showing up for yourself and your community and inspiring us to vibrate the same consciousness... Currently I am rewiring my consciousness to delete old frequencies, super sensitive of being in other's merkaba field.... as I clear, I attract clearly conscious beings to myself... it's kinda like a software update, deleting viruses in system , I think as we are entering a new paradigm, awakening in to our 4density frequencies we attract the conscious community to ourselves.. consciousness to create anything and everything we want with health and wealth.. I've been engaged since March on this platform and have a new sense of hope for humanity here...keep it up community! Love and Blessings.


Thanks for dropping by @kimmysomelove42

I'm so glad that I had a chance to get to know you lately. You're so very responsive and supportive. LOVE IT :)