Nap Competition in Spain $1400 Winning prize

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Today I came across "La competencia nacional de siesta" (The national nap competition) in Spain. I didn't know that such competition existed, after some sleepless nights trading Cryptocurrency, I'm sure I can win this competition big time:)

Who said he knew how to sleep? In this 'Dream Competition', The one who sleeps the longest earns $1,400. No wonder that with such competitions, unemployment in Spain is high. On the other hand, perhaps living peacefully like their lifestyle, is the natural form of life for humans rather than the 'nonstop mode life' in the industrialized countries. What do you think?

In my opinion, In industrialized countries, a large part of life, people are running after money, achievements etc, and forget to live, and take time for themselves, The majority will spend quality time with themselves only when they reach the retirement age. They live on a better level no doubt, but is it life?



Iberians are known around the world for their siestas. I suppose they take it to competitive levels.

I have not come across any Sephardim of Iberian origin that perpetuate the concept of a siesta and Iberian time schedules.

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hahaha!! can't believe this is real😂

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I believe life is a journey rather than just a way to arrive at a destination. We need to take time to enjoy day to day life, but not so much so that we don't plan for the future. It's all about balance in the end.

ha ha ha wow this is a new one to me. But what will they think of next. lol Loved this keep up the great work. But a sleep contest.

lol hhhh, I heard it's called 'the national sport' in Spain, what a lovely country to take a nap:) next, I'd love a pizza competition in Italy;)

You can write a lot better.
I will go to that place in the future.

Thanks for your feedback, I'd love to hear an example of what I can improve.

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