Is the juice worth the juice?

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Glenn Livingston has this to say about our struggle with extracting juice.

"When you're making juice, there's inevitably a point of diminishing returns. I mean, you can get every last drop of juice out of the orange if you are extraordinarily determined, but the harder you work, the harder it is to get the next drop...

You eventually get to a point where the extra juice you get just ain't worth the effort you've got to put in to get it. You're better off accepting a little waste. A less than perfect solution. Because you're either going to waste a LITTLE juice or a LOT of effort."

I find this very similar to how we pursue our different goals in life.
It is easy for people to see lofty ambitions without considering their personal capabilities and the availability of both human and material resources.
And as such, so much effort is expended towards meeting such mountainous goals which leaves them weary, with no evidence of progress. This may push many to throw their ambitions away because they no longer feel they are realistic.

But what if our ambitions are taken one at a time? Where little goals are set and the attainment of one naturally takes us to the other, giving us a gradual and pragmatic climb to the big goal. Setting and attaining smaller goals keeps us firing and enthuse enough to keep our wheels rolling. Here, small setbacks wont hold us down and we find renewed energy to keep moving.

Give this a thought. Rather than spend all your energy to extract the last drop of the juice, while not extract the one just enough for the moment.
Attainment of smaller goals makes bigger goals realistic.


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