Life Is Undemocratic

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Hello there. Top of the day to you.
Democracy is a government that has taken the world by storm, although it was hitherto practised in the ancient Greek City-States, the influence quickly rose and spread across the length and breath of the world, especially at that time when the Greeks were the world power and were willing to sell their ideas of governance to the whole world. Save for few African, Asian and Latin American countries today, democracy has taken over all.

We all love democracy because it has no dichotomy between the rich and the poor, proletariat or bourgeois, for all are equal before the law and this idea of EQUALITY is what makes democracy unique therefore an acceptable government the world over. This said, it shows us therefore that everyone is on the same platform no matter the economic resources at your disposal.

However, Life doesn't see it this way. The minutes that translate to hours that translate to days that translate to weeks, that translate to months that translate to years are all different and do not enjoy the equality status of democracy. The government of your country can be under democracy, but your life cannot be democratic.

Personally, I divide life into two categories of days, T days and P days.
T days are the days of trials, temptations, tests, torment, turmoil etc and these conditions characterise our days sometimes and we have to see through them keeping hope in mind that there are P days coming as well.

P days are the days of peace, prosperity, prize, progress etc. And when these days come, we find respite from all the pain that our T days initially came with.

Life does not and cannot guarantee equality of days, because even in the time of affluence and wealth, tears can still trickle down the checks telling us of the reality that life is not democratic. Today you find it easy, tomorrow you find it a little upsetting and offsetting, but in all, every experience we ever had in our T days help us appreciate our P days better.

If the weather be cloudy today, hold on tightly to your sail, it is surely gonna change.


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