Jan's Curling Consciousness

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Jan's Curling Consciousness

This a very appropriate name for this piece, because if you knew this woman as I, you would agree. My artistic blooming came about because of this amazing Lady's encouragement, savy way of spotting talent, and tremendous knowledge about almost everything artistic, cultural, historic, and metaphysical.

I met Jan in 1993. I was a traveling young buck, wanting a new turn in my life. I had no idea of the artistic color, beauty, and wonder repressed within me, until I met this mysterious beautiful woman. It wasn't until I was at her home that I found just a #2 pencil and a piece of typing paper while she was asleep on a full moon night, that I found myself sketching an older man out, with glasses and a long cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

The next day Jan saw the drawing and was flabbergasted. I asked what the deal was, after all, it was just a sketch. Yet it wasn't just any sketch. As I stood there, she quickly went to a large wooden antique cabinet, and retrieved a old Polaroid pic of her father with the wired glasses and a long Pal Mal cigarette hanging just as I had drawn him, and the likeness was absolutely uncanny. At that moment a relationship was born and a deep education of undoing began.

This piece was done on a 20×30 piece of drawing paper with an array of colorful Sharpies that I had available when she came to see me some 22 years later, since that mysterious moon lit night when my artistic self started to truly bloom.

Sadly, that was then last time I saw her. But the day I did this piece, she had curlers in her hair on a early morning in Sedona, at a vacation home she had rented. All these images behind her were Kachina Dolls and figurines that where in the large cubed cabinet behind her.
As you can see, I stylized them, especially the Kokopelli figure playing a saxophone instead of the traditional flute.

She is pointing to a dragonfly, the buster of illusions to some Indian tribe lore. As I look at it now it was prophetic, for many illusions and veils I have come down in my life since then.

When I use this style of sketching, it's like cross stitching together something. I was. It's a composite of a colorful life of a woman I loved so dearly.

Kfx: The Inspiration Junkie~*

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this is very beautiful @kuttlefishx, both the story and your artwork. It deserves to be seen. Resteemed with the hope that it will be.

it is an incredible piece of art, which helps to highlight humanity @kuttlefishx in
especially the woman and her experiences

Thank you for your well spoken words. Yes she brought tons of love and encouragement when I didn't even know I needed it! I am grateful to the beauty of the feminine, in her, and on going respect for what she gave me. I have done many pieces of her, honoring the amazing Muse she was and still is.

Kfx The Inspiration Junkie